Improve requirements engineering please

Hellp everyone :slight_smile:

I think the color picker is a good example how important good requirements engineering is.

It is quite obvious that the big majority of the players always wanted to choose their color rather to have team colors.

Especially because of the probably limited developer ressources AOE4 have this is even more important. Developers needed time to develop the team based color choice and now for the color picker. Valuable developer ressources are wasted. Hot keys are an other good example for that.

What went wrong with the requirements engineering? I have some ideas what maybe get wrong regarding the requirements engineering.

  1. No requirements engineering was made. Unlikely.
  2. Requirements engineering was made but not all feedback was implemented.
  3. Insufficient requirements engineering was done.
  4. The choice of the players who were asked from requirements engineering was not good or not diverse. I imagine for example that extreme pro players like it that there are only team colors because it is maybe better for competitive reasons. By the way do you know who are the members of the council hall?

So my suggestions to relic is that they do good requirements engineering. The developer ressources are then not wasted with things the majority not want and then later have to implement in another way.

I think the surveys after a season are a good opportunity to improve the requirements engineering. Hopefully they do that after every season. The survey is also received by all players thus a diverse playerbase.

Kind regards

How many times one can fit requirements engineering into a post challenge.

On a serious note game development is a hot mess and idk if one can just inject this into it. Hell, most big corps can’t manage this properly lol

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Games development, and software development in general, is far often more a resource game than it is anything about process. Process can fail, for sure. But the largest factor tends to be resource.

Imagine this: you’ve got a proposal, it’s estimated correctly, you’ve got buy-in from the requisite team leads, and an estimated budget.

It’s approved, but with half the budget. Oh, and you can’t back out. Because it’s a cool idea that will make money! :slight_smile:

Yeah cant wait to fight with 7 other morons like me for 1 color. Brings me back some good old memories!