Improve Viewing Recordings

Dear Devs,

I know this issue has been around since the game came out, but watching recordings is still the same as in 1999, and there are a couple of changes which would revolutionise the experience.

  • Being able to rewind, instead of just going forwards.
    This would make the game far more watchable, as when something important happens you want to focus on you can watch it more than once, without restarting the whole game.

  • Being able to fast forwards 10x faster.
    To do so you could disable animations if these are the bottleneck, and just show a timeline so the user knows where they are.

  • Improving the timeline, to show the number of economy units + military units throughout the game rather than just at the end.

Overall, being able to share and view friends games quickly and in a fun and engaging manner would make the game more social and enjoyable. Perhaps being able to add a comment or annotation of your own to the timeline so your friend can see what you think at that time would be useful too! There are likely many further improvements, but these would be a huge start!

Best wishes,


Yeah we’ve all been hoping for this. Not sure why they won’t implement it.

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I like the social media focus you gave it in last point. I think it is very difficult to make.these changes with the current engine. The fact that they share Capture Age instead of do an add-on Capture age integrated is a hint of that for me.
But, what about a cloud based rec’s viewer with all these tweaks you ask and more social, and analytics tools. Like a Youtube only for AOE2 recs…
Any person with a MS and Steam count could have a channel with their recs or review of.others recs

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Yes going back to specific time in the replays will be excellent for learning and analysis. It will also help a lot in identifying misplays or even highlight the best part of the game for low elo legends or pro micro. Other forms of statistical graphs are also appreciated and build order with timings in post game summary.

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I think such things should be implemented in CaptureAge rather than the actual game. CA is the more or less official spectating tool which is still under development and free of charge. They released v1.0 which is still missing a lot of features that the original iteration had back then, but I’m sure those will be added in the near future and probably some more.

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Currently Capture Age is decent, but doesnt have all functions, is better the standard overlay of DE at the moment

Yep, capture age is a faff; downloading an unstable extra program to spectate in the game.

And what I’m describing is not so much about making it pretty, it’s a fundamental improvement to the spectating engine. For example,

  • Rewinding
  • Speeding up more
  • Showing the actual villager counts for each player along the time line so we don’t have to guess, etc.