Improved Home City Card interface

The game needs an improved Home City Card interface.

  1. Sort the Cards by Building when filtered by Age
  2. Sort the Cards by Age when filtered by Building

Makes it much easier to find cards. And gives a much better overview.

Add highlighting options for the game modes 1v1, Team, Treaty and Deathmatch. And also maybe water yes/no.
Cards that are useless for the mode (like early units shipments for treaty) are greyed out while very usful shipments (like 2 Falconet in Age 3 in 1v1) are highlighted.
Other cards are displayed normally. Cards that are always useful like Factories are always highlighted.
This would help new players when creating Decks.
It would also reduce the amount of people that play treaty without treaty decks.


That is somewhat debatable, so this had better be a wiki page rather than an in-game feature.

In addition, I kind of prefer the old “tree-like” layout of the cards. Even though there is no need to progress through the trees, it offers an sense of how cards are grouped by their functions and units they affect.


Improvements to the deck building interface is an issue that was raised as far back as the closed beta last year, but nothing has been done about it yet. I can’t find the post right now (maybe it was on the closed beta forums), but I remember somebody even went to the trouble of creating an image that shows how the interface could accommodate age and building information simultaneously and also group cards according to their purpose and it looked great. I really hope that the developers decide to implement a similar design at some stage (after fixing the bugs).

I don’t think an option for sorting by game mode is a very necessary feature, because it really is quite subjective. What makes a great deck for a certain game mode to a pro might be useless in the hands of a beginner in the same situation.