✔️Improved My AoE2 DE Performance by 🤩 +218 Benchmark With This Trick


Two weeks ago, I made a video on how I improved my benchmark score from 1000 to 1114 using my old Nvidia GT630M.

Well this time and using the latest Sensei DE along with a trick I explained in this video

️I managed to hit “1218” benchmark points … Such benchmark is almost impossible to achieve with very old and low end graphics cards as mine.​

:sunflower:Again the aim of all this is to give players with bad computers a chance to join multiplayer and most importantly help those who lag multiplayer TEAMGAMES so we all enjoy the game without lag.

:low_brightness:If you’re a minimalist nerd join our endless journey to improve AoE2 DE benchmark. Share your benchmark with us in ageofempires.com forums if possible.

Link to Sensei DE Tool (:heavy_check_mark:Open Source): Sensei DE V2.1


Congratulations. I was thinking from the title you would try to sell me some software lol. I was using a 680 for quite a while, but my cpu was a i7 5820k which help out alot and overclocking the gpu led to great results.

I’m glad that helped <3

I didn’t notice much of an improvement. But hey it made me realise campaigns are better without the hero glow 11