Improved Professional Scout makes your scout unable to do Shift-click commands

I don’t know how to make the title shorter.

But I figured out with Mongol improved upgrades that if you get Improved Professional Scouts, Scouts will not pick up deer with shift click command.

You have to research the non-improved version;

You can then upgrade the improved version later on.

This only happens if you directly research the improved-professional scouts.

Hey @Kameho3743! This is one I can’t seem to repro. Is this something you’re still seeing?

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Hi! I made a video recording of the issue to better showcase the issue at hand
First showing how it works normally, and in the end showing the issue when researching imp professional scouts immidietly.

Hey @Kameho3743—this is fantastic! I get exactly what you mean now. Thank you for this! We’ll get it looked at.

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