Improved the Campaign interface, what do you think?

General improvements:

New unfinished Campaing interface with diff levels:

New finished Campaign interface:

Historical Battles interface with diff levels:


Sounds decent. Can you make this a mod? Or is it just a Photoshop improvement?

I have zero modding experience. Its just a quick MS Paint 3D work I threw together.

Very nice ideas. I especially like that difficulty level indicators are related to scenarios, not campaigns because indeed difficulty in campaigns varies wildly. There could be average difficulty level indicator for campaign also though.

Only thing I disagree with, is displaying legend of difficulty level indicators in upper left corner. I think, that it is clear enough, what those swords mean and that legend detracts from campaign screen atmosphere a little bit.

Great UI improvements! I would love to see this implemented. Yes it doesn’t make sense for Historical Battles to be within Africa plus it also has its own tab similar to the Art of War.