Improvements regarding Revolution on AOE 3 DE

After pre-ordering AOE3 DE I saw this paragraph:

New and Improved
Speaking on civilizations, a key focus of our work at World’s Edge is to authentically represent the cultures and peoples that we depict in our games. While developing Age III: DE , we realized that we weren’t upholding that value as well as we could regarding our Native American cultures; so we set out to fix that: working directly with tribal consultants to respectfully and accurately capture the uniqueness of their peoples, history, and cultures. Returning players will find there’s been some fundamental changes to the Native American civilizations, and we hope you find them as compelling as we do!

So I was wondering if, just like native americans, the revolution nations (Argentina, Brazil, Great Colombia, etc) will get a renewal as well. I’ll just explain my reasons for a renewal in three sections:
1. A Revolution wasn’t worth it
I don’t know about the multiplayer meta of AOE3, but at least in SP, a Revolution wasn’t a thing that was worth the cost (if this is just completely wrong, just ignore this and go to point 2). You just crippled your economy in exchange of below average musketters and a little bonus and shipments.
An idea could be getting more military bonuses and a more military-oriented rich card deck .
2. The revolution nations weren’t very well represented
I understand that leaving aside balance purpouses, Spain for example would get like 5 revolting nations and the Ottomans would get none. But it is weird seeing ottomans becoming chileans or Bolivar having russians forefathers.
The other thing was that the revolting nations got bonuses that weren’t very well adjusted to them historically. Argentinians in their Independence, for example, were kind of famous for their cavalry called “Granaderos a caballo” (they did not carry grenades tho) or for crossing Los Andes (like a velocity bonus to military, or infantry healing (?) ) but instead their bonus in game is just receiving 6 Hotwitzers.
3. Age of Empires is very active on México and South America
This is just a personal opinion of course, but it will be nice to have countries from our region in historical videogames (leaving aside Brazil always appearing on Civilization :stuck_out_tongue: ) from a period where we were big part of. And having a better resemblance to their history (I’m not proposing adding them as new nations, but just tweaking a little the revolution system so their have a best impression).


If without a doubt the system of revolution must be improved, most likely it is, although as you know the balance also influences a lot that some things cannot be done, but okay, the Ottomans when making revolution should become an Arab country or something like that

Supongo que hablas español por tu punto 3, respecto a eso, pues al menos nos han dado a los incas jaja, pero siendo optimistas y tomando en cuenta lo que citaste en la noticia, es probable que hayan mejorado la fidelidad histórica de todo el juego, incluyendo los países que se generan al elegir revolución

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Great,that’s the best improvement we really want.

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