Improvements To House Of Wisdom

Possible Improvements to House of Wisdom, and overall buff to the Abbasids.

House of Wisdom now free and has increased hp in age 3/4.

                                Economic Wing

“Fresh Foodstuff” now only reduces food cost by a flat 10, but also affects infantry as well. moved to base Age 1 House of Wisdom and cost changed to 50 wood, 20 sec research time.

Age 2 “Riverine Irrigation” reduces farm costs by 40% and replaces 300 stone cost of town centers with 200 food instead.

Age 3 “Agriculture” effect changed to 25% farming speed instead of 15%.

Age 4 “Improved Processing” changed to 10% drop off resources instead of 8%.

                              Culture Wing

“Medical Centers” now baseline Age 3, also gives a weaker non stacking heal aura to camels.

Age 2 “Preservation of Knowledge” now free with 20 second research time, replaces gold costs from all technologies with a smaller amount of food.

Age 3 “Faith” is unlocked in castle instead of imperial, converted units are also fully healed. units targeted cannot be deleted.

Age 4 is “Universal Taxation” or “Code of Law”, gain a trickle of gold that increases with population size.

                             Military Wing

“Camel Support” is now a baseline technology in age 2, also improves Infantry, Monk and Villager Move speed.

Age 2 “Roman Siege Engineers”, siege engines constructed in the field are cheaper and cost food instead of gold. allows construction of trebuchet in age 3.

Age 3 “Camel Shields” replaced with “Persian Style Barding”, gives pierce armor and bonus vs ranged to all cavalry units.

Age 4 “Boot Camp” now “Syrian Infantry Detachments”, improves Spearmen and Archer hp/Damage by 30% and allows them to construct military production buildings.

                              Trade Wing

“Armored Caravans” base age 4 upgrade in house of wisdom, buff increased to +5 armor, +50% hp.

Age 2 “Spice Roads” Increases all trade income by 40% instead of just gold.

Age 3 “Grand Bazaar” now gives back 50% of total gold income as secondary resource.

Age 4 “Pilgrimage” Increases trade income and market buy/sell rate with every relic captured by your team.

these changes would make all wings more equally tempting and focused rather than some being generally better than the rest.

                        Water Only Technologies

Age 1 “Levantine Food Markets” increases fish yields, fish give an additional 25% gold.

Age 2 “Auxiliary Christian Sailors” changes the gold cost of warships to food and allows them to fish as well.

Age 3 “Navigational Schools” allows ships to slowly heal and gain a speed boost active ability.

Age 4 “Berber Boarding Parties” gives a 20% change for defeated ships to instead be converted and healed.

                     Changes To Base Civ

gold cost for all traders converted to a smaller amount of food rather than 33% total cost reduction.

transport ships removed; all warships now have transport capacity.

cheaper docks replaced with a free fishing boat on dock construction.


I made some suggestions about abasi, but about the units, I don’t have enough data to assess so many changes

HoW can garrison villagers to improve technology research speed and defense may be good

WTf man it’s borken. But some nice idea

There are a lot of good ideas in there, and I think the focus should be on aging time, and early defense, and the utility of the camel.

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My favorites in your suggested changes are pilgrimage and boarding parties, this would both add a competitive edge while not being too game changing. I think the camel speed aura would make sense too because supply load would be easier to manage, and camels would see more use

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some further suggestions:

“Nafta” in siege workshop grants explosive ammunition to mangonels, increasing aoe and bonus vs buildings and ships.

“Camel Speed” now folded into baseline camel stats and replaced with “Mamluks”, increasing speed, hit points and gold cost of horsemen and knights.

“Damascus Steel” age 4 in the blacksmith, increases melee damage of all units by 1.

getting all 4 wings unlocks a new technology, gives extra population space.

Good ideas

We should have an option for more population limits