Improving in everything

Hello Everyone,

During last mounth, i’ve played a lot to AOE 2 HD.

Today, I have arroung 20% winrate against Hard IA. I’m not good at RTS games.
Could you please help me with simple advices ? I mean, some objectiv. What kind of things I should train to be able to face Very Hard bots ?

I joined the community Today and I will be there and active until AOE 4 will be release. These games are a big part of my childhood so I’m really excited about to see this new one !

Let me know if you are looking for people to play with (mostly against bot because I want to beat them before facing true people).

Have a good day :slight_smile:

Hey, I’m glad you are having fun and want to get better. There are some resources at that should help you get dangerous.

That’s a pretty good link, thanks ahah !

One thing I’ve found is very important, more so than specific build orders, is to work on having as little idol time as possible, even while doing multiple things at once(this is especially important in the dark age). Make sure your town center is producing a steady stream of villagers until you reach the number you feel you need for your game plan(for me that’s usually around 25). Something I’ve found helps with this is to memorize hotkeys. It lets you jump between units and order them to do different tasks much more quickly.