Improving Revolts

While the devs have been slowly making their way through the revolts making them more in depth and interesting. After this next update it’ll probably be a while till they do anymore (aomr); and as we’ve seen with the Peru revolt, even when they do them, it’s not always done very well. So in light of this, I’m trying to get some people together who would like to help make and/or help design these revolts. Trying to make them both historical and very fun to play.

I myself am not a modder, but I have played many/most of the revolts in game modes ranging from 1v1s to 60 min treaties. So I believe I can do a good job helping designing them from a gameplay perspective, and (since I love learning history) I would also love to help research how to design them historically.
I also can help promote the mod on the SamuraiRevolution channel, for which I create content.

I won’t go here into specifics about what revolts need what changes, but would like to lay out a basic framework for what revolts are/should be and how we should (I believe) go about reworking them.

Revolts should give some type of immediate economic or military benefit that weakens you in the late Industrial/early imperial stages of the game. With some ability to eventually keep up in the very late stages of the game.

With this idea in mind, I believe the framework we should use to rework them is this—

  1. Find anything that doesn’t make sense historically, and remove it/rework it into something that does.
  2. Give each of them a way to access at least 3 imperial level units, or 1 imperial level unit, and an imperial age eco. Some would be immediate like the Hussars of Death, but most should take cards to unlock either them or the imperial upgrades to certain units. At least one of those imp units should be unique to that revolt.
  3. Give them each at least 5 unique cards (unique from other revolts at least).

I’m sure there are more and if you think of them let me know. But I think this is a good start.

Please tell me if you have any ideas, or would like to help. I am active here or on many aoe3 discord channels (including the official aoe server). My username is the same as on here TheClaymore2004.

I am currently working on a mod that improves the Chilean revolution, increasing its cards. I hope to release it soon. The last time Chile’s revolution was updated, several cards focused primarily on the maritime economy were added, but most are cards from ages I and II, when revolutions need cards with a power of IV+ to be useful. “Fishing Fleet” and “2 Steamers” are good cards, but the rest that are not shared with other revs are not as good and you are forced to play on maps with sea to effectively use the Chilean revolution, and I think that the Colombian revolution with its imperial ships is superior on sea maps. For all this, I thought it was necessary to make a proposal on how to improve the Chilean revolution, in the form of a mod. I think that the biggest problem that the Chilean revolution has is the great power that the Hussars of Death have, which makes it a somewhat more difficult revolution to balance, which could be the reason why they added such low level cards in their last update.

I don’t have a lot of free time, but maybe I can help you with your proposal for improving revs, if I find interesting ideas that I’m excited to turn into a mod. When my Chilean mod is ready, you can check it out and then tell me what you think. Any ideas or criticisms are welcome. For now I am not interested in improving the Peruvian revolution because I hope that the devs change that decision of turning Peru into the Incas version 2, and look for a more historically representative path, but of course ideas can be discussed about how to improve the Peruvian revolution and any other revolution.

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I have tried your mod for Chile and it’s pretty good. The artillery focus is definitely interesting.

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