In age4 game : Passchendaele

Looking up for one battle Scenario : Passchendaele

  1. 500 Thousand units…
  2. Trench warfare madness.
  3. Reinforcements from India and other British Colonies.
  4. All soldier reinforcements to be obtained from colonies which u have to make deals. Inspire them to fight for your cause using tech and gold.
  5. The mainland industry must utilize trade to get Gold obtained from basic resources in the colonies.
  6. Soldiers who enter the battlefield area (Trench) have no escape its either win or die
  7. Armored vehicles cannot advance to frontline if they advance they will get slaughtered
  8. No defensive structures in the frontline or forts.
  9. Colonies excessive taxation will result in riots and not able to get units or resources from them.

Eager to see the scenario.