In AOE2 DE will old campaigns be updated to include appropriate new races (for example, will Berbers be in the El Cid campaign?)

Hi AOE2 DE Devs, I have a question:

Will the old campaigns from AOE2 be updated to include the new races when appropriate? For examples, will the El Cid campaign have El Cid facing off against the Berber faction? Will the Mongols face off against the Magyars when they invade Hungary in the Genghis Khan campaign?

I think it would be awesome if your team updated the old campaigns to incorporate the expansion content where appropriate. It will make the DE seem like more of a complete, standalone release to new players rather than a compilation.

People who want to play the old campaigns exactly as they were will always have the HD edition of AOE 2.

Thank you for your time. :slight_smile:


yes the civs will get updated in the campaings;


Thanks for this! That’s great to know. :slight_smile: