In before the mass "hacking" and "cheater" posts about ranked

My guess is we will start to see the mass cheater/hacker post trickle in after a few hours. So and so is a drop hacker and should die.
Followed by X is to OP or MAP X is unbalanced. Add a few player complaining about toxic players to boot.

Get your popcorn ready. Its showtime!!

Let me bet the first to complain:

You keep buffing the rushes and nerfing the Delhi.
Delhi special units so bad anyone ever make them?
list goes on… getting so annoying losing cuz getting rushed with armor units in feudal… how is this supposed to be fun?
English can legit rush you before 3 minute mark… like what base is up in 3 mins? ready to defend?

if you going to buff rush then buff the defense as well. take away wood can’t make anything.
it’s just painful. just like my grammer.

aoe has almost always favoured aggressive play when balancing since it leads to more “exciting matches” to watch

so dont bank on defence buffs, if anything theyll nerf em more

exciting 8 minute matches?? amazing logic.

Why can’t an eight minute match be exciting?

Surely it’s easier to make a game that holds the audience attention for eight minutes compared to eighty minutes. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Not a fan of rush playing, I guess for watching matches it’s more interesting but personally I find watching other people play aoe kinda boring most of the time

It can get annoying but them rushing you in dark age significantly delays their age up time. If you can beat their rush by scouting to see what they’re doing and build a tower next to your main resource then you should get ahead.

English don’t “rush” you before 3 minute mark. It’s only 1-3 MaA, who will only be able to delay your WB. If you always face such situations and aren’t be able to send a few more vills to gold for your age up or your WB, it’s not the games fault. You need to scout propperly and be well aware.
Those MaA can’t dive under your TC, they can only go on exposed ressources, but they will deleay their ageup aswell.

The point is that the civs are ending up with 1 way or no way. Anyone ever use the Tower of Victory?? EVER?

theres a map hack out. lol its over for this ■■■■