"In Defence of Devs and DLC:" Edit: this title was obviously before the DLC lol

There are a lot of speculations about the upcoming DLC, especially the recent “leak” of an US Civ. Some are hyped (like Drongo), but most people in the forum are firmly against the USA starting in age 1 (me included). But i dont think this will ever happen.

  1. the Devs are well aware about the game and its design. Particularly in the last Patch, they did amazing work and implemented very intelligent ballance changes. I dont think they are high on acid and start the mess of making revolutions into regular civs (especially with all the south american fanboys).

  2. except of steamdb, all hints lead to an Italy/Ethiopia/… DLC. The Units (and buildings) in the historical battles are african and the ones in the screenshots are italy. Besides that, italy was meant to be in vanilla and is the most demanded. The devs wont dissapoint the playerbase in these regards.

“But what about steamdb?”
After the release of DE, i was pretty happy about the changes with the revolutions, although they still seamed not competitive. All revolutionaires had different names, but mostly the same skin and stats. With the patches they added mechanics and beautifull new skins (Dorobant, Hungarian Huss…) and i wondered, why they put this much effort into something, most players will never see. After the steamdb ‘leak’ i’m pretty confident, they will make the revolutions much more viable and add even more new mechanics and units (maybe more revolutions as well, since Italy would need something else besides rev. into barbary coast). I think the US will be the poster child of this DLC, but still stay a revolutionary Civ.

TLDR: Next DLC will be Africa/Italy. In addition we get better revolutions via USA FLC. (i dont think, they’ll compine the Africa DLC with the Rev. changes)


The units in the screenshot also look like they’re wearing 18th century American uniforms. It could go either way.

The infantry looks like it’s wearing this:

While the cavalry looks like it’s wearing this:

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I would much have preferred Italy over USA :pensive:


Tienes razon, La gente hablo de mas, Quizas solo sea un tipo evento relacionado con EEU, entrenamiento como lo es el explosivo, batalla historica o incluso una campaña dedicada a EEUU.

  1. Africans are not only on the horizon, it’s already hanging above our heads, so I never doubt they will be added.
  2. However, I don’t think we’re going to get that many new contents because it has been only six months. I’d prefer them announcing that on 10th April, though.
  3. US “civ” is not the best idea imo but it seems they’re doing it sooner or later.

Post-colonial nations are revolutions for a reason! USA doesn’t fit the game as a main civ at all! So disappointed.


were not getting Italy you know.

1 of them is pretty clearly by now either an american regular or a buffalo soldier:

the other was a light dragoon, which no Italy did not have that uniform, nor would an Italian faction ever get a unique dragoon type. the uniform was the sort used by the british empire, the danish and as you can probably figure out now: the americans.

this is the unit you saw, and it is the American version.

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And the devs know it and wont add them as main civ…as i stated before

Im really not convinced, that they are US troops. Bersaglerie and Carabinieri seem more probable. This far the USA was portrayed as a frontier/cowboy-esk civ in AoE3 and i dont see them with such flamboyant uniforms.

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Yeah, i’m very surprised by the effort, the devs already put into a game like aoe3 ^^
I think, they’ll do a little FLC on April 10th to please and tease the crowd and a few months later we get the African DLC

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TBH I’d be disappointed if that “American civ” is a paid on and that’s all we’ve got.


if you honestly think the ranged cavalry unit is Italian then you need glasses, it was VERY clearly a dragoon helmet

the top is propped up and black and the sides are cut off and it has a small feather to one side, that’s a british/danish/american helmet, not to mention the jacket is not something Italy ever would use. and Italy would NEVER get a dragoon UU, that is just straight up not in the cards for them.

if italy gets added their UU would likely be a swordsman, crossbow and some melee cav a kind to elmeti

as for the infantry dude:

yeah those units are American, i dont like it either because it means no Italy or Denmark but that’s the truth.

they are not Italian units, sorry.

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When this game first came out you could play as a european nation colonizing the new world and allying yourself with native tribes. When the warchiefs came out three of those minor tribes became full civs. Did we all lose our minds? Did it break the core concept of the game?

How about when the asian dynasties came out? What on earth did any of that have to do with the new world? Nothing.

Yet here we are complaining about the potential inclusion of a civ that has been in the game’s campaign since it’s original release all the way back in 2005.


Since AoEIIIDE is only six months old releasing a civ sooner than later is a good way to revitalize interest while a larger DLC(s) are being worked on to be released later.

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Hope they will. I wasn’t expecting any new content within a year.
The fact that they’re likely to release some low-effort content half way through that is both surprising and a little disappointing to me.


While I’m not enamored with US being added as a main civ I’m not outraged by it. There are a good number of civs I would have chosen before the US but my only hope now is the devs make them fun to play and do put some effort into making them unique. It is perfectly understandable why many are concerned with a simple copy and paste job. That would also be disappointing. If they’re gonna charge $$ for a one civ DLC then make it worthwhile.

I’m thinking the US will play as a standard Euro civ with native American elements such as big buttons.

By “low effort” I mean US is probably the quickest civ you can make out of mostly what is already in the game.
Idk what is the plan of the devs. The typical “formula” of the AOE series expansions has always been major releases with a lot of new stuff. But the very likely “US civilization DLC” does not sound like that. It’s more like some “micro” dlcs similar to say the faction/hero dlcs in total war games.
Idk which one is better marketing either

*2006,in 2005 the civs available were only europeans…the USA civ appears with the warchiefs expansion and the Fire campaign of the expansion.

Maybe it will be played as in the napoleonic era mod…Age of Empires 3 The Napoleonic Era Americans HD First Glance (Part 1 / 3) - YouTube

Maybe the developers made a new DLC out of it X D

In this mod, the only civs we already have in the game are French, Germans, and Swedes with Incas added in DE.

It would be cool if they added these civs (Poles, Austrians, Italians, Persians are very lacking in this game. Prussians, Austrians and Germans side by side would be great. The Swiss, I don’t think they are necessary, but if they showed up, that’s fine. The Danes are coming soon.), but unfortunately many of them in this mod are poorly made. If this mod would be a DLC, I hope to polish it up a lot and add more interesting content.

This leak is really interesting - we really don’t know what this DLC could be.

This is the same USA civ?
Revolutionary Civ DLC? (or making the mechanics of the Revolution more attractive)
American Natives + USA DLC?
or just the Napoleonic Era mod?

It is also not known whether it will be FLC or DLC (if paid, it must be something more than USA civ!).

We’ll find out everything on April 10. It is possible that there will be other leaks before the event.