"In Defence of Devs and DLC:" Edit: this title was obviously before the DLC lol

afaik it is the faction we got in the historical battles+the light dragoon. i dont think well see anything to crazy beyond that.

This doesnt take microsoft into account, they also forced AoE II devs to add Koreans, wouldnt be too far fetched to force the US.

Also the units would then be most likely revolutionary skins instead of Italian troops. Also it would be sad if they add Italians and only 2 African civs. The entire continent of Africa has so much to offer and then you add another European civ of which everything has already been explored.

i dont think everything in Europe has been explored but at the least they should release a full African expansion before thinking about adding other Europeans, hope was that the 2 DLCs we saw were going to be 1 African and then 1 mixture or similar European package.


I’m more discouraged we’re only getting a one civ DLC than the civ itself. Here’s hoping there will be a larger DLC down the road. We’ll know more next Saturday.

There’s still two unnamed DLC on the steam DB but with AoEIV seemingly on the horizon I’m dubious we’re going to get the amount of content we want, especially since it is overshadowed by AoEII and soon to be IV.

my best guess is that this is a FLC they could release right now, while the other DLC is the Africans that i expect well see in a month or 2.

as for “the last” DLC posted its not a DLC, it is almost certainly an internal build from the alpha that simply exist.


Perhaps they’ll announce some sort of season pass on the 10th similar to what CIV6 recently did. Additional civs and updates throughout the year?


I hope :pleading_face:

That might be the best we can get.

If the Americans are based on the version with “regulars” and “volunteers” in historical battles (not the Black Family one), perhaps Ethiopians are on the list.

Then perhaps Berbers but their current “unique” units are too blend. Just reskins of common units.

It’s nice if they showed the Roadmap for the entire AoE series.

Simultaneous support for games already released (patches and DLCs), e.g. bug fixes every month, and DLC every three months

AoE 4 can still wait - let them refine

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Berbers would be a bad cicv name. Moroccans would be way better, and they could use the same units.


In Historical Battles, Berbers have a lot of Unique Units - more than the Berber revolutionary civ.

I think we play Moroccans (blocked) there (only with the Berber flag).

But most of these units are simply “Berbers+some generic unit name”. At least we need some fancier names for them.

Maybe other Moroccan units are being replaced with Revolutionary Berber Units - especially for Historical Battles?

I honestly couldn’t care less of it is US or Italy as long as there is something new.


OFC, getting USA is better than nothing (depends on the price and quality too, but that’s another topic)…but when we know we could get way better stuff(Ethiopians f.e are pretty much done) this becomes a little upsetting. And to make things worse they said this:

" This was not only the culmination of a labor of love, but was also the launch of our second “game as a service” after Age of Empires II: DE . One reason that GaaS is so particularly important to us is that it allows us to have a dialogue with you rather than a monologue; we listen to you and we will keep listening to you."

They say this and then release stuff like a USA civ that no one really asked instead of civs people did ask. This sounds like a monologue to me.

…There is still hope tho, maybe the USA won’t be the only civ, Ethiopians, Zulus, or Italians could also be a part of the package and we also could get a good new campaign as well.

But the initial feeling I had when I heard of the leaks was of disappointment.

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You have to keep in mind that the forum is really just a minority. What are we here, like 50 people at most? I am fairly certain a cost/opportunity analysis was done here, and they probably decided that a US civilization brings the best result now.

This doesn’t mean we won’t be getting more in the future. I am pretty sure they did this because they already have some USA units in the game. Creating a civilization from scratch is not easy, they will probably make more of the historic battle civs into full blown civs as time goes on. They are following the same approach to aoe2 as well anyway. Most of the new units and civs are simply combinations of previous units, with many attack animations recycled.

I have to appreciate the fact that the designers of the game aren’t completely cut off from reality. The previous balance patches (except the Sweden debuckle) were quite good. The designers understand the game and don’t just give in to player QQ. That’s a good sign. If only the dev team would hurry up with the bug fixes, but I’m sure these are coming as well.

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I’m going crazy. Does act iii not have the US in it?

Add the entirety of the warcheifs campaign to that.

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Perhaps Microsoft did force the US into the game. However, until evidence of that is given, the responsibility and blame for this colossal muck up lies with Forgotten Empires.

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“I am fairly certain a cost/opportunity analysis was done”. Possibly, but I wouldn’t assume that all businesses are wise enough to take all of these steps before deciding on and releasing a product. Game devs release bad DLC all the time.

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