In-game Mod Manager functionality

Mods can easily stack up very quickly, especially with event mods.

Something which would be awesome to see in an update is better mod manager functionality (think a bit like windows file manager).

Wouldn’t it be awesome to select several mods so you could unsubscribe several or all mods simultaneously?

I currently have 81 mods in my mod list which I’m trying to sort out and it would make my day if I could have one action accomplishing the same thing as 81 actions.

Just clicking the top mod, scrolling down to the bottom, holding shift key, and clicking the bottom mod to then only have to click unsubscribe one single time instead of 81 times would be a dream come true. And if some of those mods are not unsubscribable (local), maybe the action would simply skip those and unsubscribe all unsubscribable and skip the local ones instead of not allowing the operation to begin with.


This would an amazing feature! I think it has been suggested for ages (heh…) but for some reason it has not been prioritized by devs. I hope they improve the mods feature in general.


We don’t deserve this kind of wisdom, 11

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This would be a big improvement. I’d also like to be able to move mods up and down the priority list more easily, e.g. by clicking and dragging. Right now I think you have to click them up and down one position at a time.


Let’s be honest, their entire UI could use an entire overhaul, from lobby browser to spectator browser to mod manager and so on. I get that the game is archaic, but the UI can still be updated, no???

And I don’t mean necessarily a visual overhaul, the soulless look of AoE4 is unwanted, but surely you can preserve the medieval feel with a modern layout.


Mod manager filled with unwanted mods like the civs from krakenmeister civ builder. I hope the devs clean those spam and unwanted mods.