In-game tech tree should reflect staggered and non-staggered discounts

I think it would really help newer players as well as casters if the tech tree accurately reflected discounted units and techs. For staggered discounts, the affected units or techs would have a displayed price that reflects the age they’re first available in. For instance, let’s look at the Inca food discount in regards to the Militia line.

The entire Swordsman line is marked as costing 60 food and 20 gold by default for all civilizations, since that is their base cost. With this change, the Inca tech tree would display the Militia as costing 51 food, the Man-at-Arms as costing 48 food, the Long Swordsman as costing 45 food, and the Two-Handed Swordsman and Champion as costing 42 food. In this way, the tech tree itself would be able to accurately reflect in-game costs. The tech tree already displays which technologies are free, if I remember right, so why can’t unit and technology discounts also be displayed?


This would be better than what we have, but not fully Correct. Militia would cost 45 food in the castle age if it is not upgraded.

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Yes, it is not ideal, but it would reflect the staggered nature of the discount. There is unfortunately no way to display a unit’s changing cost throughout the ages if it remains unupgraded. This is the best alternative, and hopefully new players would be able to figure out the rest.

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If you are playing a game with a civilization it does reflect over tech tree what the current cost of the unit is. So it will show the discounted price there.

Not for me. But maybe I have to check some more.

Either way, I think being able to see the price change from the get-go would be helpful.

I think that should be avoided. There are other techs that gives discount as well. Showing knight cost 30 gold to Poles will be misleading imho.

Perhaps showing prices in the following format:

Original (discounted)

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