In team games, let us choose who is in "the pocket"

Right now in team games, players on a given team are seemingly randomly distributed in the “team together”. During match select, it would be great if we could choose the position. In early AOE titles, this was accomplished by choosing a higher or lower player color and the game spawned us in order according to our player color.

Being able to choose a civ to be in “the pocket” vs a “flank” is huge. For example, Mongols would highly prefer play pocket since they are mobile and cannot wall. It is much more important to have a civ that can wall play flank.

If AOE4 implemented the deterministic spawn rotation based on player color, this would be relatively simple to accomplish and implement.


They added this quite recently in AOE2 and I think it would be a great addition (also would include being able to choose colours which would be nice)