In the ROR, the farmland display is very blurry and no MOD is installed

Does anyone know what to do? It appears normal in aoe2de. thank you

click the pic , then click “original image”,and zoom in 100%,you will see the problem

Hi @MockCascade6218
I’m not able to reproduce this issue, are you using mods? Can you share your Graphics settings?
Thanks for your report.

No mods used

This is not a bug, you are using a low graphics setting and low resolution.

The same settings are good for farmland rendering in AOE2DE. Adjusting to the highest setting, the farmland in the ROR is still unclear. Thank you for your reply

The RoR farms look like they are just zoomed in AoE2 farms which is ugly.
I had the bug that it showed me AoE2 farm textures instead of RoR ones after switching once (also had it the other way round once) and it looked a lot better.
They should just use the normal AoE2 farm textures for both.