Inca age 2 max population/Kancha house build limit

Due to the Kancha house limit of 13 (and 2 possible age 2 TCs) Inca can only reach a max of 176 population in age 2. This is very imbalanced (for obvious reasons) in both team games and extended age 2 1v1s.

Extending the Kancha house limit to 15 would give an even 200 population available in age 2, and would additionally help the Inca’s economy slightly as they seem to struggle compared to other civs.


Nonsense team games do not sit in age 2 for up to 176 pop… just age

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But his point is valid , what if a player don’t want to age ? Newbie can do that

What if a player doesn’t want to make army? They lose and learn hopefully maybe I should optimize a lil more if I want to be more competitive.

176pop in age 2 is beyond ridiculous

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Games can 100% get into long age 2 wars, especially in team. Sure you can age but there is little incentive for Inca to do so as it is. Even if you rarely use that population it’s still counter to every other civ design to gate having max pop behind aging up.


the problem is not only in second age, you cant get to 200 pop until you get immigration in imperial age. As far as i know, so this is not only a age 2 issue

Maybe there is an error explaining how the Inca civilization works, but once you arrive age 3 you can build kallankas, and all the units that you garrison inside this building will not count as a population, so you can get more units even if you have arrived to the top, as many as you want while they are sheltered

Yeah I understand that (also Tambos grant 5 pop) but it doesn’t solve the age 2 problem and is still totally inconsistent with every other civ for no real reason.

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sorry for the confusion, but I was replying to CitingPepper233, it seems that he has played without knowing that you can do that with inca.