INCA Card - Armed Fishermen Bugg or Feature?

The Card for Inca Armored Fishermen gives fishing boats an attack and siege attack, however the attack dmg for the boats is 0… Is this by design and if so what is the purpose of giving them an attack.
You can’t even boost the attack with the Water Ceremony dance which you can ship in Age 1.

I guess fishermen technically are prawn to be pacifistic in the Aoe genre but isn’t the point of the card to give them a chance to defend themselves?



Looks like they enable fishing boats attack, but not adding the damage value like the Asian cards

Hey Devs! Here is the solution btw, why was it not included in this patch? Nice patch tho!
Taking a look at the data files, and I’ve found the issue and a fix.

The “Armed Fisherman” shipment for Inca enables their “BuildingAttack” and “RangedAttack” in the techtreey.xml file. The problem is that in the protoy.xml file, these attacks aren’t defined for the fishing boat.

So essentially, they’re enabling attacks (protoactions as defined in the code) that don’t actually exist or have any values assigned. I believe that the range and ROF values are defaults provided in the fishingboat.tactics file, but there’s no damage value provided in there. So I think the game defaults to 0 damage.

To fix this, all the devs would need to do is to copy over “RangedAttack” and “BuildingAttack” protoactions into the regular fishingboat unit, and the card should work as intended.

This issue is being tracked already. Thanks for your report!