Inca Fortress Age shipments and current situations are not feeling to be competitive

Inca by far has one of the worst shipments to send in age III and it is not competitive at all, eventhough Chimu Support and Cajamarca Support shipments are nice addition for the civ, because of their 1.000 coin cost, they are not becoming ideal cards to send in early age III. Also, 8 Jungle Bow and 8 Plumed Spearman shipments are indeed bad shipments when compared to other civs. For example brits get 10 longbow shipment in age III despite longbows are being better than Jungle bows in combat, same for Plumed spearman, they are a hand unit after all. And the amount for both these shipments should be increased in order to give Inca play more chance. Also we should always keep in mind that Inca does not have a unit which has more than 20 range, which makes them weaker against artillery play.

What could be done?

  • Making Kallanka buildings cheaper from 200w 100c to 150wood 50coin or 200wood.
  • 8 jungle bows be increased to 10, this is essential especially when we consider it with brits having 10 longbows in age III but Inca having a weaker unit with lesser amount.
  • 8 Plumed spearmen could be increased to 10
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Instead of raising the base stats of Jungle Archers, I would like to remove their dot damage. They’re too weak, but they don’t seem to get the buff because of their strange special abilities. Dot damage is completely wrong.

If so, it would be okay if I only had 8 of them.

Main issue to discuss is, Inca has one of the worst age III shipments in this game when compared to any other civ, which makes Inca almost unplayable in competitive level. Hopefully they will adjust age III shipments. Chimu runners are not snared which doesn’t work well for the mechanics of aoe3 aswell, maybe a snare penalty could be added to chimu runners.

Inca has one of the best age 3 shipments in the entire game. 2 TC waggons or 4 settler + 1 tc waggon.
For units you have 9 chimus, 8 bolas, 8 JB (not really strong, but also decent enough). You cant just give them the best Booming shipments and the best unit shipments, just doesnt work

The point you are making with 2 TC wagon is not being relevant in competitive games, because Inca is a slow civ to make it to fast fortress, so that the boomy play is not rewarded. How does 9chimu be a so good shipment? Considering Aztecs which is a similar civ to Inca has 10 Coyote runners as the shipment, or consider germany which has 9 uhlans! And it is far from being realistic to call 8 JB as a decent enough shipment because it’s basicly a shipment which should belong to age2, not age III. Even comparing 10longbow shipment vs 8 JB gives enough info about how bad cards Inca has. Bolar warriors are not good at any fight, they still don’t counter most units properly, and it should be trained from a different building which costs 200wood 100coin. And also, Inca doesn’t have a unit which has more than 20 range, this is a huge issue in terms of dealing artillery.

Yes but 10 LB is one of the most powerful shipments. 8 jb is only a little less value than 9 musks, which is a decent shipment. 9 chimu = 9 muskets. Comparing that to uhlans total misses the point, because in reality it would only be a 6 uhlan shipment.
Chimu > Coyote in every way.

Chimus are not better than coyotes in every situation, the reason is because they have low hp. So in mixed composition fights you prefer having a unit which has more hp than having a unit with weaker hp. As someone who played Inca a lot recently, I thought it would be benefical to share thoughts about the civ. It is currently in a bad situation, hopefully it will be fixed.

Currently Inca isn’t even a played civ, hopefully they will be in competitive level in the next patch

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