Inca Has Some Serious Design Flaws. Here Are Some Suggestions

Considering the Inca design overall, there are some points which must be solved in order to have a balanced civilization.

  • Inca can have broken age1 play because of the Priestnesses ability, Priestnesses should never able to convert enemy units, it’s a broken mechanic both design and balance wise.

Here is an example of how broken priestness converting unit mechanic can be, 4 thuggees in age1. Which is impossible to counter for any civ in this game.

  • Inca can have up to 230-240 unit population after garisooning units to kallanka building, so Inca max population is actually becoming 230-240 rather than 200. Which is making Inca late game quite strong.

  • Chimu Runners raids are quite abusable, it’s the only unit which doesn’t get snared in aoe3, which doesn’t suit for the balance of the game.

  • Inca fort is quite strong, dealing so much damaga and the garisoon limit into the fort is too much, it should be 25 at max.

On the other hand, there are also weaknesses regarding Inca,

  • Inca has one of the worst age3 shipments in the game, 9 Chimu runners, 8 Jungle Bows are quite weak to be an age3 shipment. Overall buff to unit shipments and possibly to boom shipments would be helpful for the balance of the civilization.

  • Kallanka building cost could be reduced, it’s currently a little bit expensive.

Thanks In advance.

Inca have absolutely no way to deal with guarded Cannon in the lategame.

I had a match against a Dutch player (it was a 4 player FFA, so I was busy with the orther 2 players while the Dutch player boomed) with an Artillery deck, that spammed Falconets and Skirms, and I just could not beat him, not even by going wide.

The match ended when I gave up, as I had sent in all my cards, and could still not bring him down, because he could just camp his base, or near his Falcs, and I could just not destroy them fast enough before most of my unitrs got cleaned up.

I was constantly remaxing like crazy, but got very tired, and very frustrated. Could not even raid him because he had several layers of Walls in his base.

Inca really need a little nerf, not too much. But they’re a turtle civ with strong eco and units.

I think the first thing to do is just to add snare to chimu, that’s the worst about Inca, they can come, kill 10 vills and run away. You can’t catch it because they just run without being snared.


They have a strong Economy, but not strong units.
I disagree that they are a turtling civ, since their lategame is atrocious. They, like Aztecs, really suffer against Cannon, but Incas are even worse at it than Aztecs.

Incas are more of a FF civ that then is supposed to flood the opponent with units, but not turtle at all. If you turtle, Euro and Asian civs will just outmatch you with better units in the lategame.

90% of the games don’t go late game. Inca is literally a turtle civ for that 90%, with kancha house literally acting like walls.

You can’t raid them and their raid are incredibly strong. Sure, they need to nerf Sweden before Inca, but Inca is still overpowered a bit.

Inca doesn’t need and shouldnt be nerfed, it’s just some mechanics that Incas have are not healthy for the balance of aoe3. Hopefully suggested changes will be reviewed in this patch.

Umm what?
Chimu runners absolutely destroy skirmisher +cannon.
Inca can trade better with most armies in the late game. I think the only civ that can trade better is Sweden.

I don’t think this is a problem, IIRC, mercs and other things you convert in age1 have a penalty against villagers. You can safely ignore their attacks for quite a while until you master units. Even minutemen can handle them very easy.

The problem with convert is that it has a meta altering effect. In late game, the fear of conversions will prevent enemies from building expensive units or powerful tech. IMO, conversion meme should stay in aoe2.

The Incas have serious design flaws. Their excessive and greedy economy and overly weak units are making the Incas unbalanced.

But the developers aren’t interested in these issues at all, because few people play Incas.

  1. Bonus
    The Incas, like Sweden, have too many bonuses. Some of them are based on Aztec, plagiarizing the design mechanics of many civilizations. Their ingenious real civilization bonus is that the Llama can work on CP, and that alone makes the Incas unique. It would be fine enough to limit their bonuses to only those that all livestock could work on in the CP.

  2. Tambo
    It’s not mentioned as a bonus, but it’s like the Inca started with an Advanced TP bonus. Doesn’t matter because it’s more expensive? they can free to build it with wagon or Tambo 3 card.

  3. Pops
    The Inca’s support for Pops is really stupid. they couldn’t support 200 Pops with all the house constructions, so they made them support Pops with extra TCs and tambos.

  4. House
    No further comments are needed. Shrine, Torp, and Kancha are all OPs and must be nerfed. why Kancha is OP, it has the same efficiency as vills harvesting berries. And if you use one card, it has the same efficiency as vills hunting. As a side note, the Incas, like Portugal, can build 2TC from 2ages. I don’t even understand why the price is 135w when I work for each vills until the end of the game without taking a break. Because the price of the British manor is 135w? Haha, I’ll think it’s a joke.

  5. Priestess
    This War Priest plagiarism unit has a conversion ability that has annoyed many in the past. Even they don’t even have low HP like the aoe2 monks, so if they appear on the battlefield it means that some of your units will surely fall into the hands of the Incas. The no-tag HP320 is not an easily removable unit. A similar example is Lakota’s Advanced Scout. Even without their converting ability, they have already plagiarized the WP’s unique ability, CP Work ability, so give this ability as a native feature or delete the Priestess’ CP Work.

  6. War Hut Unit

    1. Spearman
      Spearman received a ridiculous nerf. That’s less siege damage. Pikeman’s siege damage is 36, but spearmen, which are more expensive than them, have 32 siege damage.
    1. Chimu Runner
      Please delete their unique abilities. They are not unique, they are annoying OPs.
    1. Jungle Archer
      They don’t seem to get any buffs at all because of the annoying dot damage. So, wouldn’t you just remove the dot damage and give them a stat bonus? And their range should also be fixed at 16 or 20. Don’t add range to their upgrades.
  1. Kalanka Unit
    Kalanka is truly a useless building. Units nurtured there are simply useless.
    1. Bolas Warrior
      These units with area damage similar to Carols were discarded for their desperate damage. However, their ranged snare and area damage has the potential to turn them into OP. Just as Calos lost the extra damage to light cavalry, I can assure that it will happen to them as well. The best way is to make them the same as the EK. In the first place, BW’s design seems to be EK conscious. If so, it is to make it possible to be faithful to that role. Or you can create a new unit to take the role of EK, redesign the BW like a Musketeer and train it in WH, removing unnecessary stats and adding what they really need. In this way, it will be differentiated from Aztec and will become a reliable unit that will be responsible for the early stages of the Inca.
    1. Huaraca
      This siege unit needs to get some of the stats Bolas has. Once you don’t want to give it, you have to make the range at least 30. Approaching them to remove artillery units will not have a range, so they may be removed by artillery units first. Falcs has a range of 26. Huaraca has a range of 20, which is shorter than the outpost. It must be longer than that so that Huaraca can hunt them stably. As a bonus, they deserve area damage. Why didn’t you do area damage to them?
    1. Maceman
      I don’t know what purpose they made to train in Kalanka, but they have no idea whether they are normal units or hidden cards. They can also be trained in CP, so I think it would be nice to remove what makes them out of CP and redesign them like normal units. Maybe when their pops hit 2, they’ll get more choices.
  1. The Whole Design of Civilization
    Except for the fact that they plagiarized Portuguese and Native(especially Aztecs), their designs are seriously wrong.
    1. 200 Pops Support, Kancha, Tambo
      I mentioned it earlier, so I’ll skip it.
    1. Chasqui
      The reason for existence is unknown. What did you want from them? If they are a reconnaissance unit, they should only have functions as a reconnaissance unit. Why on earth do they have the ability to collect treasures and build? And the fact that they can receive shipment is a serious epidemiological damage. How about using a card to get shipment from the Warchief?
    1. Can’t understand Cards
      Why do you give the building the ability to hide? Do you enjoy delaying the game without any counterattacks until the explorer is resurrected? It may be good when playing Inca, but it is one of the annoying factors when dealing with Inca. Why can I have additional TCs on age 2? Is it something shouldn’t consider to increase Kancha’s support population to 20 instead? And why is there a 2age coin upgrade card? Other natives can use support cards from age 3.
    1. Tupac Rebellion
      This card has failed both historically, design, and practicality. Why should the Incas abandon their own arms and become Europeans? Didn’t you think this was not politically correct? Historically, it was a fight for the independence of the Incas, not for them to become Europeans. This card is not practical because it use 6000 resource and becomes a unit of the vanilla, abandoning all existing upgrades. In terms of design, it’s just a card that plagiarized the revolution.
    1. Bonuses
      Inca has a serious bonus. And it is similar to Sweden. Their bonuses are Advanced TP, Advanced Scouts, Advanced Healer, Advanced House… Why do you enjoy adding something to the existing dynamics and making it OP? And I don’t understand why they just give they that ability without any resource.

They are Scouts in the early game, and cn recieve shipments later on, so you can spawn shipment armies at the back of an enemy Town, for example.
Send in a few Macemen, and you can Siege down Factories or TCs, very quickly.
Chasquis also build Tambos, so you do not have to send in your Warchief, which is, by far, the best frontliner for the Incas, and should always be in any fight.

Tupac’s rebels were composed of a lot of mestizos, that fough in European style and with European Weapons. It was a revolt in 1780, and by then even the Inca had adopted European weapons, tactics and uniforms.
Political Correctness is cancer, no one likes it.

Natives do not have Revolution mechanics, this was a way to give it to the Incas, to actually make them different to other native civs.

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The Inca chief doesn’t help much in the battle because he gives aura to only native units. What the Inca Warchief does is that other hero units can do enough, and that is not a unique Inca mechanism.

Chasqui also thinks that the Incas have a lot of bonuses, and that’s an example of how serious OP players aren’t aware of.

I am pointing out that they become Europeans. And the developers tweaked Haud and Lakota for political correctness, but they gave the Incas these weird cards, oddly enough. Just because Haud or Lakota use European weapons doesn’t make them Europeans, but this card makes the Incas obviously European. This is a mechanism that completely contradicts the developer’s actions.

If the Incas wanted to have a revolutionary mechanism, only the vils would have to be converted into combat units, it’s really strange that all units are converted to Europeans. And 6000 resources are too expensive for practicality.

Mestizos were half-europeans, and most used Spanish uniforms and weapons.
Hads and Lakota were just given their actual national names, and a weird nerf to their Coin gathering, taht makes you gather another 25 Wood after Hunting Hounds, so you can start gathering Gold in the Colonial Age. Everything else stayed the same.

It was implemented by the developers, so no, it counteracts nothing. It makes perfect historical sense.

I agree with this part, but the rest is natural, historical and normal, as far as AoE gameplay goes.

I’m sure you didn’t fully understand my thoughts. Even if they were half-Europeans, the cause of this revolt was the anger of the oppressed natives. If the developers had designed the cards according to their convictions, they would not have to copy European units, but would have to turn them into Native units with European weapons. After all, for them, political correctness is nothing more than a tool to hide the flaws of the game. The fact that I designed these stupid cards even with the keyword political correctness, I can’t hide the disgust for the developer’s pretense.

It was a revolt in 1780, it makes sense they no longer would use their older weapons and tactics, or they would have been crushed even worse than they were.
As a historical reference, it is a great card, and it does make sense.

No one complained that China’s Porcelain Tower as just a Factory, and that it was ripping off the European civs, that had Factories beforehand.

As I said earlier, it would have been convincing if only the vils were converted and were equipped with European-style armament. But the developers didn’t do that at all.

Don’t forget that this is a game. I’m pointing it out in the first place. they painted the Incan as a European. You already know how many contradictions actually in game.

It is a game, which is why a Revolt card that gives Early Period Incas, a few late 18th century European units, fits.

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Yes, I understand your thoughts, and this argument is actually a very meaningless argument. I hope you can tell me your thoughts on my other opinions.

-Spearmen need a serious buff, they are not cost-effective at all.
-Chimu Runners are fine, this is a civ without Artillery, it needs ways to deal with Cannon, and it needs to be able to raid well, before the enemy gets Walled in.
-Jungle Archers are fine, just send in their stats cards.
-Bolas need more Range, to make the snare effect meaningful.
-Huaracas just need a small Area Damage effect, because they are not really good as an Artillery replacement right now, nor good as anti-Artillery units.
-Macemen are fine, they do not need anything, and since they are not as powerful as Tokala Soldiers or Skull Knights, training at both the Kalanks and Community Plaza is justified. It also balances out the Inca Wood ceremony at the CP, to give them a spawnable unit that is not as strong as others.
-Tambos are Ok, though needing them to support pop is weird. I would rather get a Kancha upgrade to increase pop space for Kancha Houses.
-Incas actually have very decent cards. All they are missing is 3 Lil’ Bombards, which I think all natives (except Hauds) should get, since they seriously lack Artillery.
-Inca has a lot of bonii, but none of them are so troublesome as Swedes. It is not the abundance of bonii that makes a civ OP, it is how strong the bonii are, or how well they synergize.

It seems that they oppose the modification of some units because they have no artillery. If Huaraca can do own part enough, the Incas don’t need such mechanics. I gave an opinion for Huaraca. Inca will become OP if Huaraca has it geted and no other unit’s adjustments are made.

Bolas Warriors must clarify their role. BW’s mechanism is already OP now. They don’t stand out because their damage is low, and they already have similar stats to Carols. BW has a range of only 12, and must remove ranged snares and area damage and give them stats for their role.