Inca infantry unkillable

What should I try vs Inca as brits in 1v1 supremacy?

Their infantry melt my cavalry, infantry, and when I try to make cannons they just run past my infantry and kill them with chimu.

Doesn’t seem to be anything brits have ## ##### ####### that can beat a halfway decent inca player.

If that’s the case, try play inca. Don’t always play brits.


Wall up, do a manor boom and make longbow and they will out range and kill pretty much everything inca has while they are safe behind walls. Alternatively try the FI and go rangers and pikes. It depends what inca are doing so you need to scout correctly and then adapt.

Also as mht said perhaps actually try playing the civs you struggle against and that way you will learn their weaknesses and know how to play the match up.


I would just musket rush and mix in a few hussar to kill the bows. Generally this strategy will beat most civs.

played AOE3 for years now but I’m done now. game is too imbalanced and not worth switching to the OP civs. Every single game vs. brits plays the exact same now so its extremely boring. guess I will be back if they change anything to improve british but sadly right now they just can’t compete.

If you ever want pointers upload a rec and see what we can do lah

You know what is truly boring? Exclusively playing british and just calling out x amount of other civs for being op when there are like 22 civs in the game to play and you refuse to even try another civ.

Brit currently has 1 of the strongest FI’s in the game and the manor boom remains as good as ever. You could even do something different with brits like try some kind of highlander FF or water boom etc brit is a very versatile civ.

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If i am not mistaken, inca has no real hard counter to musket + longbow/ranger.

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Yes no artillery so no way to adequately deal with it. All you can really do is go heavy on jungle bowmen and hope to trade efficiently resource wise, longbow have like highest dps of all archers though so if they send yeomen card it’s pretty much over.

I don’t think jungle bowmen can trade efficiently enough to be considered a hard counter against longbow+ musket. The objective would be to snipe muskets to do a baby dance switch to chimu, but longbows can still dish damage uncontested, and muskets can simply move back to force bowmen to fight the longbows.

There’s the huarca as well, but those are expensive and hard to make and still outranged by longbows with yeomen. As inca you want to avoid direct deathball fights such as these.

Yes Ideally you want to out micro and get your chimu on the longbow and bowmen on the musk but that is easier said than done. I’d personally just play around the stronghold and use a few huaracas to stop any artillery, this is probably 1 of the few circumstances where the chimu stealth card is quite good.

Yes, inca is quite simply designed to turtle and do instant switches with baby dance once the enemy is out of position and win through harassment, basically.

Inca infantry does feel a bit overtuned once massed. If you are a civ without heavy artillery its basically an auto loss if you cannot get them early.

RIP Japan

This is how it is for inca as well, inca like aztec have no efficient way to deal with massed ranged infantry. Though far more civs have artillery than those which don’t.