Inca lategame wood problems

I usually don’t play much Inca but when I did play them today, I noticed that the majority of their military units are based on food and wood. Wood is THE most scarce resource in lategame and since Inca don’t have a factory, I wonder how they deal with the wood problem in lategame? Sure they have an endless wood card in Age IV but that can’t be the solution. They also have strong trade posts but you usually only control 2-3 at max.

Building food & gold units only would reduce their army to 2-3 unit types?!


the endless gold card is enough for aztec, but they also get plantages, the endless wood card could be enough if they got a card or research like china with faster shipments and increased exp gain, but they dont, so late game u just die because of it

You can dance for a wood trickle at the community plaza.

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and then loose the game because you arent using war or pop dance

Endless gold card is enough for Aztec becoz they use villgers on plantation too , they don’t need too many on food becoz of op food eco . And Aztec also have wood problem late game but less than Incas

And Inca first of all have weak units second , u can’t sustain units with a wood card when it’s ur only source of woood .

Woood dance is ■■■■ , it don’t even give u wood equal to one factory . It gives 5 wood per sec with 10 preistess and 15 villiagers . U better use that 15 villiagers on gold and trade at market than using wood dance .

And u need firepit on attack dance , and more importantly on fertility dance , traie train speed is ■■■■ too

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like i said wood card would be enough with chinese faster shipment and an exp boost research like aztec, you could try adding better market card and make use of infinite plantations still wont be enough tho

Like I said dude play Inca , infinite wood card will not be enough unless it’s like 5000-6000k wood . Incan army too wood heavy , Aztec have to put villigers implantation to keep gold requirements . Infinite Gold card in not enough for Aztec . And secondly Incan army super weak late game .

you not fighting all time, when not fighting dance must be changed to wood trickle. Ive not used inca so much, but the units that has area damage and cost onl food and gold is really good
wood is necesary you have to control map, if the map has no wood yep, inca is dead if he need units htat need wood
There is a really good infinite archers card that takes gold instead of wood too

Yeah those Macemen don’t mess around, get countered by skirms and cannons tho.

Lategame (treaty), the fight will indeed be 100% of the time. It’s a constant stream of unit training + massacre until someone cries “uncle.”

Like @JarvyBoi said, the macemen are great, but they cannot be spammed exclusively (that would be broken).

I believe the issue is mostly shown in treaty games as even with excessive wood chopping, it will not be enough for a reasonable fight at 40 mins+. The issue isn’t the wood income, it’s the wood consumption.

Perhaps an age IV card that changes the wood costs of units to coin costs with a 5-10% increase in the coin cost vs wood cost? Maybe make it only apply to Inca units so minor native units still require wood.