Inca Native Rush

Good morning, fellas, I hope you’re having a good time!

Today I would like to come and get ahead of the facts, and it is to talk first-hand about this strategy. In the previous version, (I on my own and other players separately) had been developing this rush, not very well what the idea of the devs was with the previous update, if they were looking to make this strategy more viable or if they were looking to nerf it, but let me tell you, this is very broken.

The strategy is simply to advance with the Warchief, and use the two travois to build 2 Tambos in nearby native villages, during transition build a TP on the trade route and then send the native support letter, which provides a number of warriors for each tribe, this is an incredible mass of warriors in no time, to which we must add that the Zapotec warrior is an incredibly strong unit.

Obviously this strategy is occasional, it depends a lot on the map that touches you.

I open the discussion and see your opinions, guys.

I attach a rec, so you can appreciate the build order

RushNative.age3Yrec (1,9 MB)


It is indeed a very strong strat, but easy to counter with Spies. It gives Euro civs a reason to slot Spies in their decks.

Talking about this…in the “American Allies” card it contains the Mapuche but only the horseman…do you think they should include the Spearman? I feel like the upgrades they have do not really connect to the cav. Example of this is that a tech increases siege damage from melee units. Usually people go for the blow gunners since usually they are better.

What do you think I was hoping to point this out and see if they did the change or included both with limitations to building them (currently you can build 8 of the horseman) so maybe 4 horse and 6 spearman or 8/8 if its not that busted.

I would say they should change Carib for another native pick since they have great bonuses for infantry and vils and top of that your hero can spam them as well. There are other options they can replace for (tupi, mayan, cree (Idk about cree since they might be too good) or add other variations to make it more “diverse”

Tried it out today a few times. Very fun. question though what is your typical card order? I was going llamas, native support letter then get the age 1 native hut and go caribs or zapotec. Are you investing in housing much?

It looks like an all-in rush as it gives up some of the wood to build the Kancha. I’ve actually seen someone using that strategy, and the Zapotec unit he brought had too much HP.

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With Zapotecs, it is an all-in. They give you Wood bundles, and improve all your Hand Infantry Attack, so just choose them, send Wood, build Warhut, send in Attack upgrade, and make Zapotecs + Chimus, for quick super-rush with units that deal a lot of damage, and can take a beating, while also zooming past defenders.

In my case, I do not ask for the 2 llamas, I try to find any cattle on the map for a faster advance, that way my first shipment is American allies.
I know a guy, who has his own version, where he first builds the tambo with the starting crates, and then he first asks for 300 wood for the 4 vills and the kancha house, advancing with 15 vills. But for me it is not optimized, but it saves more time in the rush.

I still think that this build order should be reviewed by the devs, only the Dutch, English and Indians are able to stop you.

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The incas politician should be nerf. Pass to the Age 2 should give you only 1 travois or only wood instead 2 travois, that is a lot of wood for age 2 plus the mobility and variations you have with the travois, you can build TP, native TP, warhut, etc, etc thats a lot advantage.

Your probably right. And the developers said that is something they will look into changing. But it is so fun, so many options