Inca needs serious changes , developers please note

Incas are worse than ■■■■ on treaty , bowmen are so bad vs skirmishers , and 4 out of 6 units need wood to play , and they have no sustainable source of wood .

U just can’t play them in treaty .
1.Their anti artillary units look a like bowman , so u can’t use them properly .
2. Bowman are too weak vs skirmishers. They can’t handle range fight .
3 Their shock infantrys require lot of wood . .
4. Bolas and mecsman require lots of gold . And u can’t spam them . Bolas are not strong a eagle that u can use them for range fights .

  1. Priestess take a lots of population , u need 10 on hall to dance , that is ur 20 population space .

6 wood dance is so weak with 25 population on dance it can’t even generate 6wood/sec, not even worth a factory despite puting 15 villi (with 10 preistess) on it . 15 villagers can genrate 4-5 times more resources elsewhere .

  1. Even with full wood dance , wood income is not even comparable of single factory . Not even close to fulfil requirement of army .

  2. Unit train time is too slow , without 25pop on fertility dance (10 preistess +15 villagers) u can’t even sustain ur army .

  3. Wood dance is useless as u need hall on fertility /attack dance .

10 over all very weak army , weak economy . Design is so bad to play , so little source of wood .

  1. Their is one exploit tho . U can make 60-70 estate and u don’t need to collect gold again . But again u need wood not gold .

Please give them good source of wood ,

My suggestion

  1. Buff bowmen. Late game , too weak on range fight .

  2. Get some wood source , maye be change gold tickle to wood tickle ?? , Massively boost wood dance or give them like age 4 infinite 1-2 mango groves . Or alternatively give them a card or tech that change units wood cost to gold

  3. Gold tickle should limit estate counts to 15-20 . To prevent exploit .

  4. They don’t need gold tickle tho , they need wood tickle , their infinite card that change food to coin is good enough to tackle their goold requirements .

  5. Decrease or remove population space of preistess .

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