Inca Stronghold is absolutelly fair and not a problem at all

Its fine and allows lots of counterplay, all I want is every inca game to be centered in the idea of turtling to get strongholds. this looks soooooo much fun for the aztec player.


Yes,we just need to change all european strongholds just like inca.There will be more fun.

The only real issue I see there is that cannons shouldn’t be able to garrison in buildings like that, given you were at a point with 2 times the score of your opponent, i.e. any niche aspect can be abused.

I dont think we can blame the devs for not considering garrison/ungarrison of quick firing artillery vs very clunky aztec arrows knights, but that was hard to watch from the aztec side as i dont think charging a 39K HP stronghold with units inside with just eagles and coyotes is a good option either. This is just a case of Aoe3 balance and how some civs match ups are such a struggle