Inca vs Indians , Any tips?

Hey Forum of AoeIII lovers,

I can stand my ground against most civs or at least win some of the various matchups but it seems impossible to beat the Sepoy + Sowar Indians Combo. Sepoy heavily beat both the Plumed_Spearmen and any Chimu Runner due to their anti-cav. (discarded them in the matchup now though). Sowar heavily beat the Jungle Bowmen to a point where it’s ridiculous.

Any tips? Tried FaFo but the enemy mass is too big at min 7-9.

Have a good one.

It’s a matter of micro, jungle bowmen do a LOT of damage, even cavalry have a tough time because of the poison damage, but sowars make x2 damage vs light infantry, so KEEP SPEAR MEN CLOSE, chimu runners can beat the sowars too since they make very decent melee damage (I know you said you didn’t make them that match, but considering the hard counter of the sowar, you should always keep some spears/chimu around).

As in overall strategy, I found that indians don’t respond well to raids on their own town, it’s like very unexpected for the since THEY are the ones meant to raid. A batch of 6 chimu runners can take out plenty of settlers on age 2 if you avoid all enemy patrols.

Or at least that’s what works for me :stuck_out_tongue:
Hope you have a more balanced match with this info, cheers.

The runners not being snared and being able to run through any mass to get to their target is broke

Chimu runners are very good at raiding and you can get them out pretty quickly, so use them to raid his economy.

If he pushes, try to fight in your own base. Incas are very good at turtling, their houses are bigger than normal houses so it is easier to make walls with them.

I’d go full bowmen, they are very strong will easily deal with sepoy and do well vs gurkha, sowars are weak cav and to start with at the most they’ll have just 4 from the shipment, a decent mass of bowmen will melt the sowars. you can also make a small wall or 2 with a gate to kite with your bowmen in case he sends the 3 hussar from the otto consulate.
As others have said sending the 6 chimu shipment to go and idle his vills will also slow down his unit production and force him to send units back home or waste res on minutemen.
The monumental architecture card is also slept on, whilst it’s not as good as town militia it still gives you +50% tc attack and +45% building hitpoints which when you have 2 warhuts and tc all firing really makes a difference, even becomes more valuable as you add more tc’s later in the game and makes it take longer for him to siege your kanchas, all the time under fire from warhuts and tc.