Is it just me or is Inca incredibly OP now? My elo is 1600 and I’ve been getting lamed hard on the ladder by Inca players… literally everything about Inca seems broken OP now, the kallanka garrison thing, age2 huaracas, fast building, multiple age 2 TCs, kancha wood trickle… Seriously… can we please disable resource gathering houses or what, pretty sure most everyone agrees they are broken…
what’s the point of removing their age 2 warhuts travois but allowing them to have the 2 kallanka travois card? That card is busted.
P.S. P.S. … their huanka support card (age2) that gives them a TC AND a warhut wagon? Wth? All other civs have to wait til fortress age to send a measly one TC wagon without any other bonus… this civ is busted op right now, please address these issues.

One suggestion would be to increase all of Inca’s buildings kill XP, so destroying their base over and over while they cockroach and rebuild is more rewarding to the attacker.


Aren’t you see dev nerfed old civs as possible and buff new civs as possible?
Please accept it.


Incredibly OP? no. Just regular OP.
I am not sure what the devs were aiming with this rework. They didn’t seem particularly weak before.


Agreed I never thought they were weak to begin with. Aside from the stuff you talked about the native armies are off the hook with mass and attributes that allow them to plow through you.


The thing is like most of the things that are being called OP, the garrison, the age 2 TCs and house that gather ■■■■ were there before and for a significant chunk of time was not even considered that strong.

The thing that is making them busted is the 2 travios for the age 2 kallnaka, and maybe the idea of the Kallanka being available in age 2 as well.

other then that if they remove those things (the 2 travios) then it could be more or less resonable. Their Kanllanka units were pretty underused and now its more or less better.

Their kanchas were also nerf iirc so we will see what happens when the 2 Kallanka travios is removed.

In the mean time, enjoy the 6:30 incan ff into bolas and lancers, its very fun.

Usually there will be hotfix within a week of the patch, we will see what happens.


1- Delete the shipment of 2 kallankas in second age, or modify it to send 1 single kallanka, and enable only warrior balls, the huaracas and maceman must only be in fortress age (it is the third time I suggest it, the first time before the update comes out)
2- Modify the boleadora, its multiplier against the infantry in general should be x0.5, it still easily kills the infantry in general.
3- Eliminates the automatic wood production of the Kancha houses by shipment, for that the ceremony of the community plaza is already there, that skill is needed more by the Haudenosaunees before the Incas.
4- Eliminate the ability to garrison units in the kallanka and in the pukara, enable these skills in Industrial
5- Eliminates the TC in commercial age.
6- I do not understand why they enable a pre update, to test and suggest things, so that later they ignore us.
Atte: An Inca main

Think devs, think


I think cause of most of the time, only a really select(bored) group of people actually play the beta. So beside the really ergrious stuff, like the 4 starting llama, 800 resource start that was removed, they would rather just let people cheese it to death if it was really strong.

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True, this is pretty much ridiculous, they are better than factories as they generate 2 resources. The inca economy is essentially off charts now. And thanks to double TC in age 2 and 2 kallankas it is also impossible to punish greedy plays.

The only big nerf is imo the chimu runner that nolonger has 100% snare immunity update. But that’s about all the significant changes. Given the insane economy, that’s hardly relevant imo.


Yes, their food production is already quite ridiculous considering they have so many booming options.

I don’t know why giving them free wood on houses, wood on Community Plaza on top of more/better travois than Haud would make them balanced.


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I have always played inca and huaracas get destroyed by a few cav and they’re a lot weaker age 2, if you have units both sides of the kallanka how can they just pop in and out to kite?
Multiple tc’s is not op they need to spend a card and 250 gold then produce a lot of villagers before the investment pays off, a tc is worth 500 res and a war hut 250 so 750 res. an age 2 card is worth 700 plus you need to pay 250 so you’re paying 950 res for 700 res worth. Making the second builder a warhut is fine because they can no longer age up with 2.
I barely even use the kancha wood trickle, it’s a thing for late game and treaty, most units are high in food cost, not wood and once you’ve got to age 3 you already have your buildings and all your kanchas up your mostly just making units so it’s better left on food. You need to waste an age 3 card too which is a 1000 res, I’d rather have 2 tc’s or a stronghold.


Thank you for your feedback and proposals. It will be forwarded to our team.


I play with Spaniards, Ottomans and Germans elo (1400-1500) I feel that it is a joke to compete in those matches for the same thing, I cannot do the cannon FF since they anticipate what they will wait for you with the huaracas on base, How funny it is play with Germany to the Incas? Who got the great idea that the Incas had 3 free chasqui at minute 4:30?


the only way i can think this can happen is sending 2 shipments in age 1 and then getting 1 from the age up. which is pretty bad all things considered since they don’t get stat up until age 3

Yeah ff against inca now has to be just cav-skirm ff with good micro to snipe the bolas and then charge with the cav

They dont gather good and wood at the same time. In regards of flexibility Factories are also better, sonce you can gather coin and train cannons


Hello and is great to hear that, but pls do siilar repsonses on AOE 2 DE balance problems (only the good posts).

I think you are thinking that they give you the chasqui because of the politician who allows the chasqui to receive shipments, but in reality they give you the chasqui just for the fact of passing age,

It is also very common for all 3 villagers to be dispatched and wood gathering is improved.

Regarding the FF if you have, but it is complex to besiege the base with guerrillas and dragons, if only their houses have 2000 life

PD : Delete the 2 posts because the translation that the translator made me was very bad

the kallanka and haurica units stand out to me, but I think multiple age 2 tcs and kancha wood is fine really.

like with ports there is a cost to maintaining vill production from 2 tcs, though one that is often worth it, and while the cost of the shipment may be too low or the extra travois too much I think the ability to get a 2nd tc itself isn’t a huge issue.

for kancha wood your spending a 1k potential age 3 shipment so your food trickle can be changed to wood, that’s it. there is no immediate benefit. it honestly should be an age 4 tech instead if anything, something that I will suggest in a different topic. as for houses gather resources in itself, that ship has sailed and I don’t think the devs will rework that.

Actually it has quite a bit of an opportunity benefit, since wood is much harder to gather than food, switching your wood villies to food in age3 has a huge impact on your economy. You can get 1000 food in about 1 minute with age3 gather rates, so that switch is quite viable in certain circumstances.

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Not in many circumstances though because by the time your age 3 you have up all your kanchas and military buildings, your main units cost almost entirely food or in the case of the chimu/bolas food and coin. Spearmen/bowmen cost more than 3x as much food as they do wood.
If you want increased wood gathering the age up for the free wood upgrades is more than enough with a few vills left chopping.
If you’ve sent the 2nd tc card and possibly aged up with a tc you’ll need even more food for multiple tc’s producing vills.
Inca is way more food heavy than wood after the kancha boom, only use for that card is extremely late game or treaty.