I know that they give a Chasqui for age up and for age 1 shipments, but its not like by 4:30 you can get to age 3.

So its either 2 age 1 shipment + age up or its some bizzare turbo age 3 by 4:30 which i do not think is possible.

The only card that gives a Chasqui in age 2 is the Incan Bridge card, but that is not a good card unless its a team game and even then.

tbh the biggest problem with inca right now is their starting resource is too strong I think.

4 wood crates might seem not a lot because of the kancha cost increase, but combined with 6 vils it allows for an extremly greedy start that can either fuel a very powerful age 2 or an extremely fast age 3. their standard 3 vil start + 3 kancha is slightly better then China 3 village start, which is considered extremely greedy and Inca can do that just normally.

getting to age 3 at 6:20 consistently should not be a thing unless you make other stuff about age 3 very weak and with infinite Huracass and infnite bolas shipment being a thing, combined with 2 8 lancers.

I am loving using it but it will be pretty lame

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3 houses and 2 TCS in age 2 is very very very greedy. I think the crates are fine, as long as the 2nd TC is removed.

I usually go 3 houses for FF and even with that you can get 6:20 age 3. Its the age up time that China FF dreams of. Thats how fast it can be and thats only the semi greed option

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Holy F***!!!

One of the devs replied ! :scream: :scream: :scream:

Good to know a tweak to those assets will be made in the next patch.


Primera vez que lo intento y me sale al 4:10, me envie esos 2 envios no entiendo que tiene de malo enviarse esos 2 envios, Un colega que conozco que debe estar seguramente en el top5 de los jugadores incas del mundo del age 3, hace o hacia eso

3 chasqui al minuto 4:10, es absurso niuna civ esa ventaja de exploracion como te la hace el inca

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Its not wrong I would just rather save the second shipment if you are going to get to age 2 by 4:10 ish and then sending 5 vils or 600 wood/chinca brewing

I can see the benefits from the from sending that card but now that inca can also get the wood gathering upgrades for free with the age up( its like +40% wood rate). Sending that card feels like a bit of a waste.

getting an additional chasqui is good and all but like its 2 chasqui vs 3 chasqui, besides some treasure hunting it aint that good (unless you are also sending the support card). They don’t even snare as far as I can tell.

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Okay I understand, I do not use Incas, but I played against people who have 3 chasqui in age 3, I am not sure what is the second shipment that they make

What’s the deal with the chasqui? It’s just a worse native scout that can’t stealth.
You get 1 with each age 1 shipment and 1 from age up, so if you send 3v and exotic hardwoods or 3v and schooners etc you’ll have 3 upon reaching age 2.

I have found it good for treasures since they can pick up treasures and have decent bonus against guardians.

so having the first one just going around picking up all the small treasures (espeically those without gurads) is decent

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And even if they can’t be invisible you can still put them in strategic spots to see where your enemies army is or whether they are gathering from a particular hunt/mine

Devs replying to a balancing discussion (not bug reports or sth) means it is being considered? Can I interpret it in this way?


Never knew they were good vs treasure guardians tbh.

What? Inca civ was OK. Now is Age 2 super broken.

Aztec really need some of Inca buffs for age 3.

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I think the auto wood production is OK for late games when there’s no more trees. But it should be less.

Also, I would add:
7- Remove 1 Chasqui every HC shipment, it’s ridiculous how Inca can get pretty much any treasure on the map at 4 minutes. At least they need to be nerfed so they don’t do that much damage.

their base is only 6 so i dont recommend using them for soloing treasures but as support, or pickup unguarded treasure they are good.

once they get to age 3 they have decent dmg in soloing treasures

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I didn’t say Inca was broken in the past, although Inca design was still a mess.
What I mean is we get since DE, first was Sweden as top tier, after Sweden was nerfed to normal we had Africa civs as Top tier, after they nerfed Africa civs a bit now we have Inca buffed to top tier again.
All these civs are son of FE.

Otto? French? Lakota? How are they.

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The whole Inca rework with the last patch is very weird because the civ wasn’t in a bad shape previously.
I’d say the civ is quite good atm, probably a top civ everything considered. I think players can live with that if it wasn’t for the unit garrisoning thing which is very lame.
Just remove that and Inca is mostly fine, at least for what it concerns the design. As for balance it’s just a matter of wanting Inca being like top5 civ or not.

The bolas warriors were terrible, definitely needed the change. Apart from that nothing changed much I main inca and the kancha house changes is not really a nerf or a buff, it’s increased cost but 1 less house is needed and they build faster plus you can offset the cost by aging up with the free wood upgrades.
I’ve personally never garrisoned units in the kallanka early game and don’t send the 2 kallankas much, the units are very expensive in age 2 costing wood and gold or food and gold. It’s so much easier to spam bowmen and spearmen.

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Inca army is op but I suppose that goes hand in hand w the op economy necessary to build it. They were upper shelf before the patch now are just off the hook.

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