Incas Buff -suggested as of incoming nerf is on the way, if possible please take a look and add anything you like devs-

They only need basic changes if any. They’re not badly designed and are a wonderful civ to use.

The only things I would change personally would be these into slightly different buffs

Team Bonus: Farms and Mill Techs built and researched 100% faster

The special tech adding armor to kamayuks, slingers and eagles should keep its current bonuses but add on its previous speed bonus for the sake of their eagles.(+10% movement speed, +1/2 armor)

As for those calling for their Villagers being affected by blacksmith upgrades starting in castle - I dislike this.
It would be better to keep it the same - starting in Feudal - where it’s most useful. If it’s to be moved, buff it. For instance

Villagers affected by Infantry upgrades and gain +1/1 or 2/2 armor starting in Castle Age

This gives them barracks and blacksmith upgrades while outfitting them for proper battle in castle and imperial age. And yes - that includes the infantry speed tech - which also gives them a late bonus to their eco.

Updated/refined wording/bonuses as of comment 73

Civilization bonuses:

  • Start the game with an Eagle Scout.

  • Start with a free Lama

  • Villagers are effected by infantry upgrades starting in castle age and gain +1/1 armor in castle age and +1/1 in imperial age
    (+2/2 total)

  • Houses support 10 population

  • Gains the first Eagle Scout upgrade for free

  • Buildings cost -15% stone

Team bonus:

  • Farmers +1 carry capacity and Farms and mill techs are built and researched 100% faster.

(Special tech that increases armor for eagles, slingers and kamayuks gives only as much of a speed bonus as it takes to reach Husbandry Knights’ speed for Eagles specifically after also researching the barracks’ speed bonus while giving the usual +1/2 armor
And it’s okay if the extra speed only effects the eagles’ line)

(+1 carry capacity is only useful until Handcart is researched - the second half of the bonus lasts into the lategame while removing the complaint of it hurting build orders)

(If it’s not overpowered, this is for inca’s eco, allow squires to be researched in Feudal as it will effect villagers, tho it is okay if it remains in castle)


-Incas start with a free llama.
-Eagle scout upgrades for free
-Farms support 5 population
-Buildings cost -15% stone.
-TB: Trade units move 10% faster.

This is better.

I firmly disagree, for starters - farms being turned into housing would make those who don’t plan for it become housed as soon as the enemy raids.
Also those have to be rebuilt every time it runs out so… Yeah, no.

The 10% faster carts as a team bonus is a big no. See spanish.
The eagle scout upgrades for free may be nice? But also no.

Like any other civ

Why? Would kinda solve the lack of gold sustain for incas and other civs. And the speed increase is low, nothing crazy.

See spanish.

The feature for farms being housing is too finicky and unreliable. They already have +10 pop per house, that’s fine as it is.

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Spanish generate +25% gold. If a trip normally gives you 100, the Spanish give you 125.
10% speed is just a +3~% of increased gold rate.

How is it unreliable if you’ll always have to build farms. Basic build orders tell you to build 2 farms in dark age.

I can see how can this get out of hand.

In any case, it’s better to change the team bonus only slightly - adding in that mill techs are researched 100% faster on top of the farms being built 100% faster removes the complaint of it hurting build orders.

Changing the team bonus to effect carts is to remove from their 1vs1 potential, the slight increase in farming rate due to the increase in reseeding speed is fine.

As for 10% faster carts, it only helps team games, unless you’re the type to build a small convoy of covert ops traders.

Farms giving pop space is like getting a double bonus towards housing- but - not only do farms have to be reseeded, they are always apt to be targeted and even moreso if one relies on them too heavily. Their housing having +10 pop is enough - if that’s not enough for you it can simply be increased rather than add another layer of complexity for new users.

Farms being built 100% faster is useless according to Spirit of the law. Adding fast research to fix the problem caused by something useless isn’t good.

That’s what TB are for.

Reseeding is no problem. I always reseed my farms.
… if my farms are getting destroyed, it’s game over already.

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Perhaps I’m being too harsh towards the team bonus.
The farms being housing is too weird.
Team Bonuses are for teams, yes, but for the most part they also apply towards 1 vs 1.

That being said - I dislike the idea because I actually like the current team bonus. Perfecting it to reduce complaints is fine rather than simply replacing it.
It’s not useless, especially if the prime complaint is taken care of.

As for 10% speed for trade units, sure, that would be fine, maybe, but it doesn’t sit well with me, I would rather the current bonus be improved on rather than changed completely.

I would rather just give them another llama at the start.

I would also change their villagers to “Villager benefit from blacksmith attack upgrades, gain +1/1 armour in castle/imperial age (+2/2 total)” which its what you are proposing from what I understood.

Also no to faster eagles. Eagle warriors with 10 pierce armour and faster speed than knights could end up being too hard to stop

Specific wording changed to effected by infantry upgrades - it would include both black smith and barracks upgrades like squires and arson - I would agree with everything else - +1/1 in castle and 1/1 in imperial (+2/2 total) would be acceptable
That being said both defense and attack blacksmith upgrades should apply

Squires for + infantry speed in this case would effect the villagers and help them in late eco for farming and in running away/invasions
It will also help reduce the loss of that last woodchopping upgrade while buffing everything else mildly after being researched.

How about adjusting the speed bonus to make them as fast as husbandry knights after both squires and the unique tech is researched? The main point is to use it as a buff against masses of archers/siege by having both the armor and the speed to make full use of the eagle’s strengths

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this is almost a completely worthless bonus, this bonus mostly mattered for Feudal Age. It makes very little difference further on in the game.

Even this is better.

Even if the buff I propose is kinda pointless I think they need another llama to make it be a bit better than an always worse Lithuanian bonus

This is one of the best ideas I’ve heard so far. Allowing the player to purchase the squires upgrade and have it affect villagers provides a Feudal age eco + defensive bonus without being too strong in tower rushes.

Edit: Oops. Squires is a Castle age tech. Maybe offer Squires to Incas in Feudal? Berbers get the speed boost to their villagers for free already. So, we know if is beneficial without being OP.

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Squires in Feudal would be nice, but it would be okay if it remains in castle age - the main point of buffing it in the first place is due to them potentially removing the bonus from Feudal all-together

My idea for tthe teambonus is that the fields are 2x2 cluster big, not 3x3. So the farmer are a little bit faster and it is easier to build the farms around the TC or the mill.

This isn’t Small thing. Someone made mod with this and happens to be stronger than pre-nerf Slavs. Much stronger.

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How about moving Inca team bonus from the worst position to one of the best position:

  • All eco techs are researched 50% faster.

Now we will definitely finish the farms after the tech finishes. Plus everyone other than vikings will gain a villager when they research wheelbarrow.

Lets give them free Cobra Cars too.

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maracas shake

Dammit, I’m housed again.