Incas lost town dance?

Like what the actual balls??? The most defensive civ in the game is the only civ that doesnt get town dance?? Like what the balls are these guys thinking?

They throw darts at a spinning wheel to determine balance changes?

It is actually a good balance. Because it was either Balancing other 6 civs to acomodate INCA for their strong defense. Or removing their defense. I honestly think INCA lost their defensive identity. But It is a good change. It also removes the 20kHP trading monopoly


Personally, I think they should have just nerfed the dance rather than removing it from Inca, since Inca is the only civ that has ever actually used it competitively.


The style I was using which was purely defensive and booming until IV or V as you actually could. Was a little bit too strong. because most players didn’t see that before and it was new. And a few actually tried to go against it and some were successful others just had frustration. They might re visit their defense later on. But the nerfs INCA received were needed. INCA was too strong Late Commerce and Early Fortress and Unstoppable if they got the stronghold going.

I decided to try INCA and that playstyle because I was losing to INCA players placing strongholds and trading post together and I had no way o killing the trading post. And they were wining with trade monopoly. So why not make a strat out of it and it was too strong to the point that 6 civs were left without options. Including INCA themselves. Couldn’t kill a 53k HP stronghold

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I believe that we can call balanced when you pick a civ and you have the tools to deal with anything. When a civ has no way of dealing with something then a rework or nerf is needed in that aspect

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lol dude… there’s the problem… not the town dance ffs… but because balance team uses a spinning wheel to determine changes they decide the entire dance is the issue… :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

as others repeatedly mentioned they could have shadow teched the stronghold to nerf its total hp… now for the sake of having a weaker stronghold you end up with weaker EVERYTHING

they are a defensive civ by sheer process of elimination… they dont have the offensive tools that every other civ has… namely fire ceremony, artillery… they dont have the raiding potential… loads and loads of crates or rapid eco… etc

They do not know how to balance the game. This was the worst idea for Inca. I agree the the health should have been nerfed. A civilization that is meant to fortress …cant do it anymore. What a joke.

Great patch, I loved every change to inca design, right on the spot.