Incas tweak

Aim: Early game nerf and late game buff (looking at win rate vs game length)

  1. “Stone structures cost -15% stone” changed to “Stone structures cost -12% stone”. 12% is good and easily counted for multiples of 25, unlike the 15% so there is less of rounding error. Stone walling may become costlier though. The most impact of this is on the trush and castles though, providing less of an overlap with Franks.

  2. Fabric Shields (UT2): provides +2/+2 armor. Mostly a Eagles against trash units and Camels, and a general Kamayuk buff. Also helps with eagles against non-fully upgrades Champions atleast.

  3. “Villagers affected by Infantry Blacksmith techs” changed to “Villagers affected by Infantry techs”. A minor change. This adds Villagers getting a general speed buff by Squires (Castles Age, not a trush) and Arson (also Castle Age). A slight quirck is that Arson adds +2 attack vs Standard buildings (class 21) but Villagers do not have any attack against it. So Arson adds +2 attacks vs Buildings (class 11), so is negated by Masonry and building armor.

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or we could stop trying to change stuff that isn’t broken.


Incas are one of the very few civs that have viable non meta strats at high level. Yet they are balanced. That is pretty good for the game. I also wouldn’t temper with that…


I get that it bothers having weird numbers, but it’s better to have 3% more stone saved than having a better number.

The rounding error is a thing really common in aoe2 bonuses.

This is unnecessary, their eagles are already strong, and being a unit that primarily counter archers they don’t need that +1 MA.

There is already a lot of arguing for mayan El Dorado eagles that are too strong, let’s not make incas mayans 2.0.

I don’t think it’s necessary. WB and HC have a better (and earlier) effect than squires, and snappers is way stronger than arson, so I don’t think that it’s necessary.

What should be changed of incas instead is their TB of faster building farms, since not only is borderline useless, but there are also some cases where it mess with some build order, since it may lead to some farms builded before the eco upgrade was researched (like horse collar).

I would suggest that a new TB:

  • Farms are built 100% faster and farm upgrades are researched 100% faster.

All eco upgrades (researched at eco buildings, so to exclude WB and HC) would be a nice bonus, but even just farm upgrades would be fine.


Incas are not broken, but they’re a meme civ. They have really good options, but 90% of the time they’re uses for trushing. I would like them to get their trush potential nerfed (and maybe some other buff to compensate)


why? we literally have a civ that doesn’t go for the standard tactics and people want it nerfed? no thanks. Incas give us something different.


Incas gave you old koreans. I don’t say they shouldn’t be the best trush civ. I’m saying it would be cool to see incas playing kamayuks or slingers more than 10% of the time


So an insignificant nerf to their towers in exchange of a massive buff on their army? No thanks 11

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That’s why I created the post. The Incan trush is almost broken at mid to high levels.

except it isn’t. if it was they would be an auto pick and winning everything, and they aren’t.


I thought about 10% too but then they lose their ability to make 1 tower + 1 tc with starting stone.

There’s lots of other ways of doing this…

Buildings cost less stone - 6% feudal, - 12% Castle, - 18% imperial

Vils not affected by BS upgrade. Vils gain 2/2 and 3/4 armour in castle and imperial age. And maybe like +2 dmg. So the net effect is roughly the same but delayed. Its also a slight side buff in that one doesn’t need to take the infantry upgrades for vils to benefit. Aka if you’re going pure archers. But at the same time nerfs the vil fighting. Which i think is actually imo the key issue.

Even if twrs stayed cheap its the oppressive m@a vils that make the difference.

Could give them a 2nd lama as compensation :scream::scream:

Or put simply, Incan Villagers are affected only by Infantry defence upgrades at Blacksmiths. This can also work.

In post imperial, when there is a lot of raiding, villagers do not fight back automatically. So nothing is changed there.

I thought about this as well. But imo it’s still too oppressive unless your nerf the twrs as well (6% or whatever)

just give them a better team bonus. their design is a complete waste for how the game is played (teamgames exist), but they should be made better if you accidentally get them from ‘random’

What about giving them a new Team bonus :

  • Farmers slowly regenerate HP

For example 10HP/min, half the regen speed of beserks.
First, this bonus makes sense because we often send low HP villagers to farm. I think this synergizes well with incan tower rush and villager fight meta without being overpowered.
As a teambonus, it can prevent teammates from being hera-sniped that often.

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Incas are fine as it is. Not every civ needs to have its main power spike at post imperial. Not every game needs to even reach imperial. They’re clearly designed to be an early pressure civ, so messing with that will result in a “meh” civ that isn’t particularly good at anything at all.

Besides Kamayuks are already great at what they do. If you put equal resources worth of FU Kamayuks against FU Paladins, they’ll hold their own just fine.

this one might be too difficult to implement, since you are a farmer even when you arent physically on the farm… although i like the idea its not a simply change

there’s a difference between early pressure, and a trush civ… aztec is more of an early pressure, and inca is more of a 1 trick pony(obviously not to the full extent, but still), they arent close to terrible, but there’s definitely room to be adjusted out of nearly a single identity…

Incas are viable 1v1, I use them almost exclusively for Arabia (for the aforementioned trush, cant be bothered with meta), but they are also very helpful in team games, to take out a civ that’d otherwise get overwhelming in imp

i never said they arent

wow you can one trick a civ, congrats. i can do the same with spanish, doesnt mean they are remotely meta enough

by towering them?