Include Missions that where unavailable in the orginal Age of Empires

like what?

@FruitSorbet AoE:DE will include the following campaigns:

Ascent of Egypt
Voices of Babylon
Glory of Greece
Yamato Empire of the Rising Sun
Reign of the Hittites
Rise of Rome
Ave Caesar
Imperium Romanum
Enemies of Rome
First Punic War


To add to that, the game will still allow user made scenarios (as far as we heard), both ones made on the old game and new ones, so there will probably be a spike in those coming out a while after release, if you’re willing to look for them.

I mean the ones that aren’t included in the orginal versions at all. The images that I’ve posted aren’t in any campaigns at all and it would be great if Microsoft can add these in as a bonus.

Those were probably one-time missions created simply for marketing purposes. I’m sure you’ll be able to make your own, though.