Inconsistencies of contents, again

I simply feel there are some sharp turns in the design principles between the DLCs. For example:
Africans and North Americans: only historical battles
Europeans: only historical maps in Europe, and campaigns/historical battles in other parts of the world
Asians and Native Americans: only old campaigns

Considering that campaigns would be costly, I think there should be at least more historical battles that cover more theatres. Also I do think civ designs are pretty saturated now, so later content releases could be focused on these.
Also, there are civs that even never made an appearance in any sp content.

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Yes, with the release of the first eight historical maps by Knights of the Mediterranean’s dlc at the end of May, it implies that Microsoft developers have the ability to invest a lot of money in more single person new campaigns, new heroic units, voice actors, a large number of scenes and transition animations, more new units, and the new historical campaign will overcome the high cost of funds and implement the plan successfully

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I sincerely doubt we will ever have another fully animated and voice acted campaign in AoE3:DE. It’s simply too costly and time consuming for the devs. Individual scenarios are easier to make and allows them to cover a wider variety of topics faster.

Historical Battles and Historical Maps can coexist. HBs are more carefully crafted scenarios, with more defined goals and narratives, closer to what you would expect from a single-player campaign. HMs are semi-random maps with special rules, but without a defined narrative. They can be played in multiple forms, both as single player and multiplayer. Bridging the gap between single player scenarios and random maps.

They are different things, for different crowds. But that doesn’t mean that you’re wrong when you ask for more HMs and HBs, specially for civs that haven’t been featured in one yet.


nothing, the developers said that they must overcome the expensive and time-consuming problems. And allow them to cover a wider range of new campaigns more quickly.