Incorporate Bing Auto-Translate into Game Chat

Would be nice to incorporate Bing Auto Translator into the game chat. I know it would not be the most accurate translation but it’s better than nothing and having no idea what your ally is saying. I wouldn’t mind taking a couple of seconds delay for the text to translate. Also, Bing because this is Microsoft (duh!).

PS. Fix/Remove the word censor, Thx.

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No entiendes el chino, ¿eh? Yo tampoco.

You could try a custom workaround project to improve the situation by:

  1. Purchasing a phone mount with articulating arm.
  2. Attaching it to your desk, or wherever works.
  3. Plugging in your phone (for battery concerns).
  4. Aiming the camera of your phone at the text box area with image translate enabled.
  5. Posting pictures here for big respect and memes.
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