Incorporating Stats in Unique Units directly

This is not a general list. I am specifically talking about two units. However, others are also welcome.

  1. Mamelukes: The new Saracen civ bonus gives all Camel units +10 HP, and Mamelukes are affected by it. I mean, why? Just let them affect Stable Camels and incorporate +10 HP in the Mameluke’s stats itself. Or is it one of those cases to balance a unit for full tech tree mode?

  2. Serjeants: This is a new unit and probably not many of you know about this. This is a militia line counterpart with 1 less but extra armor. The armor really shines. It is a unique unit and boy it is so unique. The most unique feature of this unit is it is the only Unique Unit to be available in Feudal Age. Next, it can create buildings. Specifically it is just one building, which can create the unit so it is recursive. But I guess someone can exploit it to create other buildings as well. Third, it is the only UU to be created at 3 different locations, namely Donjons, Castles and TCs (the latter after the UT).

The game doesn’t tell you this if you haven’t played or used Genie Editor that this unit is automatically upgraded in Castle age, so does the Donjon. The Donjon and Serjeants are costly equivalents of Watch Tower and Man-at-Arms which are upgraded automatically to equivalents of Guard Tower and Long Swordsmen.

So onto the topic now. The upgrade is good giving it +3 attack and extra armor. But the Castle variant of the unit is naturally unavailable before Castle Age, so just let it naturally have 8 attack, 60 HP and extra armor so one can easily check the stats of the unit in Feudal, Castle and Elite versions.

PS: I have checked it just now. You can actually create these units from the Castle in Feudal Age also, like in Fortress or so maps and Regicide or so modes, making these unit OP, since they are created much faster from Castle.
Necessary check and balance: Sicilians will still start with Watch Towers in Fortress unless explicitly programmed. These towers are just generic towers just like Stone Walls for Cumans and Goths in Arena. The Serjeant cannot be created at a Watch Tower anyhow.

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either way they get +10 hp, you don’t even see any change, so why should they go change it again? useless change to make imho and 100% a waste of time.

it isn’t created at Town Centers, they just spawn 10 of them. like building a TC on nomad as chinese spawns extra villagers.

okay yeah, its a balancing mechanism, if it had the stats of a castle age tower or unique unit in the feudal age it would be beyond busted.

then that needs to be monitored, but their stats are hardly op and the unit itself is pretty expensive at 60 food and 35 gold.

or just disable making them at the castle before castle age, like every other unique unit. which is a much simpler fix.

This… wasn’t a problem. This is just background details for those who don’t know.

I am just listing unique feature about this unit. No need to rant on everything I say. Again, this is just background information.

Interesting. Programming a tech to affect a unit is more difficult than just changing the stats directly.

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The whole point is:

  1. Just like other UU at Castles, let them be available only in Castle Age onwards.

  2. Rather than modifying the stats after age up, on a unit which didn’t exist till now, incorporate the stats directly in the unit.

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Oh really?! Yeah because we see the Mamelukes being used every match against Saracens right?! So this +10 hp is broken! which is actually taken from their UT (Zealotry) which was give +30 but now it gives +20. You are a weird poeple, i saw another weird person early this day was saying CA is now OP with it’s -0.115 frame delay what is next? :joy::joy::joy:

hahah, very funny. Did you read it? Just came here ranting. This isn’t a post about balance.


except its providing WRONG information. that is my issue with it. the way you worded it, after researching the unique tech you could start building the unique unit out of town centers. this could lead to people believing something that isn’t true at all, and lead them to make bad choices.

look at what happened to MBL he was playing Burgundian and thought researching the Imp UT was like Supremacy, and so he researched it, only to tank his entire economy.

maybe - but my point was this - they already made the change to the civ as is. why go back and change it again? its 100% wasted time and effort.

he didn’t say that at all. he just thinks that instead of a civ bonus giving them +10 HP, they should just give the mameluke +10 HP.

whats wrong with it changing stats at age up?

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Sorry bro, i didn’t notice. Yeah i am with you but what is the difference? I mean this 10hp being with Mamelukes itself or a bonus it is the same

and yeah, btw they changed the implementation of Condotteri and Genitours being available.

It is a completely new mechanic. I will write a post about that as well. The DLC has brought about several changes to the small workings of the game.

Well that’s what should have been done if they didn’t want fancy design to look original. But since they want fancy design and to look original…