Incorrect Attack Move behaviour when a unit or building is clicked

Attack Move should always make the units selected attack while they going to a position.

However, if you click on a enemy unit / enemy building, the units act as if the command was a simple Attack (and not Attack Move).

The correct behaviour should be to just act as always in Attack Move, but using the current position of that unit / building as the move position. Ideally, this move position could be changed with the selected unit’s movement, but I guess that this could be tricky.

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True, could always just right click if you wanted to attack something specific instead of using ‘a’ for attack move

The unit behavior is rather rough. Seen this behavior and noticed that selecting an enemy unit/building on the other side of a wall with ranged units will cause the units to go around the wall instead of attacking the unit/building up to the wall. Seems to be more prevalent with multiple unit types in a group. (e.g., longbow with crossbow)

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