Incorrect File format, I cannot submit my mod :-(

Recently I’m making an AOK style main menu mod, actually it’s not just a replacement for the background image, I’m trying my best to make it looks exactly like what should be as the accient game version together with all of its functions.

However I’m now met a serious problem that in this mod, I customized some xaml files in resources_common\wpfg, thus uploading always fails during the file checking process, neither website nor ingame mod manager lets me do it, and saying that “Incorrect File format. Only zip files containing AOE mod files accepted.” Actually, these custom xaml files are included in the DE Game files, but they were banned by the filter when uploading.

@DodoNotDoDo , Do you have an idea for my unpleasant situation? Or anyone? Many thanks and waiting for your kind reply.



And another Mod, I changed the RGB value in resources_common\wpfg\systemresources.xaml, thus I cannot submit it too :disappointed_relieved:

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It sounds like .xaml files need to be added to the list of allowed files for mods.


Currently xaml files are not on the allowed list. I’m checking with the game devs to see if these can be safely allowed. I’ll let you know if they give the okay.

If it is possible, I would like to provide xaml files for developers to audit security.

Xaml should be allowed now.


Wow! It’s really exciting! Thank you so much! :stuck_out_tongue: :smile: :smile:

Wow! It’s really exciting! Thank you so much! :stuck_out_tongue: :smile: :smile:

Hi @DodoNotDoDo , I’m trying to mod the dialogcivselection.xaml file, using some different background colors when a civ button is selected. But this not apply to the 3 random civ buttons, which are separated from the Age2ListBox in which I could modify the data trigger.

Is this logic hidden in some C# code? Would you be able to expose logic like this to modders, so we have more flexibility? :slightly_smiling_face:

I only handle the web/service side of things so this isn’t something I can change. I’ve let the game team know though so they can consider making a change.

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Thanks for conveying my request :smiley:

Hi @WanMonstar is this mod still available? Looks cool!

Hi Dodo, could the game team allow C# (which acompanies xaml) modding now? Having no access to the model is making UI modding quite restrictive.

I’ve forwarded on this suggestion as well. Again, can’t make any guarantees but I’ll let you know if I hear any feedback.

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Can you provide more detail on what you’re trying to get access to or what you’re trying to achieve? I’m not clear on the model you reference or why/how you’d include C#.

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By model I mean the data/content, as in Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) paradigm.

So xaml files only manage the layout with GIVEN content, but the content’s own properties also affect the appearance. Example:

I cannot fix this by only editing xaml files. The ordering of the list is probably done at the model level.

Another example is more of a bad practice in development I assume:

The 3 random civ buttons always have red background, which is hardcoded but not in any xaml files. I think it could only be done in the hidden C# files.

Yet another example, which we can’t achieve by modding xaml files:


For me is being pain in this ■■■, it only do the loud the first time and accepted has an zip file and the next submissions it not acept at all, not even the same zip file. Always promp the error “Incorrect File format. Only zip files containing AOE mod files accepted.”. So i think it is not from drs folder files, textures, ui or other folder files, in this case it is a real bug from the site. I follow the steps and waited for days. Please, can any one ponderate this functions???