Incorrect Latam Spanish translation: Common Keys

See screenshot. Funny enough, the grid keys button (above the one highlighted in red) uses the correct word: Teclas. Teclas = keys of a keyboard.

The highlighted button uses the translation for key, as in key to a door. Llaves = Keys for doors or locks and the like.

Apologies, my Spanish is dismal at best. You’re saying instead of reading “Llaves Comunes” it should read “Teclas de la Comunes”?


“Teclas Comunes”. Although to me, and in a very personal opinion, “comunes” sound more like “shared”, “belonging to a community”. To me, I think this should be Popular Keys, perhaps? If you were to accept my premise, then the translation of Popular Keys would be “Teclas Más Usadas”, which literally translates to “Most Used Keys”, or popular, right?

If you ignore my premise, then stick to “Teclas Comunes” and I’ll just suck it. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks! I’ll take it to the loc team…appreciate the extra clarification.