Incorrect Mod Tagging when using the Ingame Publisher

Game Version:

  • Build 101.101.33059.0 4403463
  • Platform Steam


Mods published using the ingame uploader end up with totally the wrong tags. They can be corrected on the website, but this only fixes it on the website, not for the ingame mod browser.




I uploaded a random map via the ingame feature and it was correctly listed, then later I saw it tagged as movie on the website and I fixed it there and it wasn’t correctly listed in the ingame browser anymore, so for now I changed it back to movie and it is again listed under random maps as I saw other random maps listed on the website as movie aswell.

Huh, interesting. So maybe I should change all my tags on the website so that it is at least correct in game…

With the last update they seem to have touched the tags, as of today most random maps are listed under movies in the ingamer-browser ( as they are tagged on the website).

Looks like tagging is fixed. You do have to go fix your tags one last time on the website, but then it appears correctly everywhere.

This seems to be an issue again. The tags from AoE1 (or possibly even AoE4?) are being used and need to be manually fixed on each mod, using the website.

Thanks for the information, we are now tracking the issue.