Incorrect player colors in dropdown while watching replay

Game information

(It would be nice if I could just copy all this info from the main menu)

  • Build: 101.101.63581.0 9025584
  • Platform: Steam
  • Operating System: Windows 10


The dropdown box that lets you select a player’s point of view when watching a replay or spectating often has incorrect colors because it is confused about whether “Unique Player Colors” (the opposite of Friend or Foe colors) is enabled. This makes the interface very confusing and hard to use.

Frequency of issue

100% of time the time if you follow the reproduction steps or something similar

Reproduction steps

  1. In the Interface tab of the Options screen, uncheck “Unique Player Colors” and click “Confirm”.
  2. Save the following replay file or something similar to your savegame folder, find it in the replay tab, and start replaying it: red_vs_teal.aoe2record
  3. Toggle Friend or Foe colors twice using your hotkey (mine is Alt+G, look in Hotkeys → Game Commands if you are not sure about yours).
  4. Look at the dropdown box for selecting players in the lower left, and observe that it does not match any of the other places on the screen where player colors are shown. If you use the replay linked above, Elavid is shown as blue in the dropdown box but red everywhere else.
  5. The dropdown box is now in a bad state and will have incorrect colors no matter how many times you toggle the friend-or-foe colors. However, going to the Options screen and coming back is a workaround to make the colors correct because it seems to (slowly) rebuild the entire HUD when you do that.

If you have trouble reproducing this, just make sure you select a player that is not blue and try toggling Friend or Foe colors a few more times. Step 1 is probably not too important.


Player colors should be consistent in all the places they are displayed.





its already reported and tracked i think

it’s been broken for months and months. A quick way to fix it is to restart the replay once you start it.

Let’s hope there is someone on the team who cares enough to fix it properly.

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it seems that the game is forceing people to use CaptureAge

Hey @Elavid570

Thanks for the report! Although a similar issue is being tracked, this one seems tied to friend/foe colors so we are now tracking this issue :slight_smile:

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