Incorrect pronunciations

In the Tariq ibn Ziyad campaign, the narrator mispronounces the word “Hegira” in all the intros. The Arabic word is هجرة and is pronounced like “hijrah/hejrah” or “higrah/hegrah” (Egyptian Arabic dialect replaces the “j” sound with a hard “g” sound as in the word “game”). I gave that a pass in HD because all the narrations were amateur hour, but can’t justify that when Microsoft has the full backing of this game.

Also, in the Joan of Arc campaign, the city of Rheims was pronounced correctly in the original AoK. The new voiceover in both the intro and during the mission itself mispronounces it. It is NOT pronounced as it is written. It sounds closer to “Rense” as you can hear here.


I believe the “Sun” in Sun Tzu is pronounced more akin to “Soon” but with more emphasis on the U. Furthermore, in the Genghis Khan campaign, the narrator pronounces it correctly like “Chinghis” but in the Tamerlane or Kotyan campaign (I can’t remember which) the narrator there pronounces like the old AoK name… which is kinda inconsistent.