Incorrect Sell Info in Markets

Game Version:

  • Build: (Not Sure where to find this info) But Most recent Update is: 33164

  • Platform: Steam

  • Issue

  1. Noticed problem on a Montezuma Campaign.
  2. Market Icons show incorrect information when Highlighted.
  3. They seem to be showing information from the scenario editor?..
  4. Current Civ was Aztecs, tried to reproduce bug with the ‘Berbers’ Civ. They to have the same bug
    5… Could be affecting all Civs

*Reproduction Steps:

  1. Startup a Deathmatch with Aztecs or Berbers (Only because I tested these, could be affecting others)
  2. Build a Market
  3. Highlight the ‘Sell Wood’ and ‘Sell Food’ Icons.

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