Incorrect Spanish translation of the word Keep

Someone who doesn’t know Spanish simply went through a translator and used the word “Mantener”, which is the verb “To keep”. A stone keep might be better described with the word “Torreón”, but I personally vote for the Catillo (castle).


lol. That’s why even though I’m a Spanish speaker, I play all my games in English. That’s a horrible, literal translation.

I remember seeing a menu that wrote “pollo a la plancha” as “chicken to the iron”. That’s what you get for using Google Translate.

BTW, you also misspelled: “Castillo” in your post. The devs may also find a screenshot useful where this is displayed in-game.

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But that must be in the translation for Hispanic America, in the spanish for Spain is ‘‘Fuerte’’. ‘‘Castillo’’ would not make sense, because here you make the castle with the walls and towers as you like.

Ok ok. I like “Fuerte”. Yes, it must be the Latin American Spanish.

Hermano hispano, creo que la palabra que buscas para una traducción “formal” de “Keep” es “Presidio”. Feliz día.

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Hey, all. Happy to take this to the loc team to get fixed, but want to make sure I’m giving the right suggestion (not a Spanish speaker). This problem is seen in the localized version for Latin Spanish, Spain Spanish, or both?

I think you’re all talking Spain Spanish and landing on either Fuerte or Presidio. Is that correct?


It appeared to me, la Costa Rican, so I guess it is Latin Spanish only. Someone said Spain’s Spanish has an OK translation (Fuerte - Fort, Keep I guess).

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In Mexico we would translate Keep as “Fuerte”


I know Delhi’s Persian includes a number of mistakes such as a unit calling his horse “old friend” but not in the sense of the English phrase but literally as if the horse was 300-years-old or something.

Actually that’s already fixed in the Latin Spanish Version since the last two patches, as far as I saw. Right now the castles are called “Fuerte” (That directly translated could mean “Strong” but it also works as the word that most Spanish speaking countries use to refer about any defensive militar fortification)

Anyways, It was really funny to be in the middle of a battle and read that misstranslation at the point that with my friends it just became a meme and from now on every-time that we talk about a castle we just call it “mantener”.

I have patch 10257 and this is what I see:

Do you see the word “Mantener” there, in the English tech tree? So not fixed.

In the game is translated as : fuerte :confused:

Probably because Castilian Spanish

Thanks, all! Appreciate you working this one out. I’ll make sure the localization team sees this.