Increase hunter and foragers speed with handcart

In Castle Age hunters and foragers are useless. It take to much time to manage and incomes doesn’t justify the investment (mill or player time).
With handcart:
It could be great to increase by 25% the work rate of hunters and foragers and also increase the food earn by hunting like the bonus of mayan (Resources last 15% longer)
Why with the handcart?
Because if it’s only in castle age, some player can rush the Age “only” for that. Fast castle age is a lot more quicker than fast handcart.
When you research handcart you have enough villager to justify the investment and that’s mean you have to much villager for profitable hunting and foragers.

Also it looks strange to have dears walking or berries in a middle of a town or a battle in late game.
Berries isn’t a real food incomes during middle age. At the time of farming, berries has totally disapear.
Hunting big animals like boar or dear was regulated to don’t kill them all. During middle middle age(I don’t know how to translate) and late middle age only a few people can hunt them like now. With new knowledge less part of animals was lost. We know exactly what we can eat and also we know how to keep it from rotting (with salt).

Dude, wild berries were still everywhere in the Middle Ages, surface gold deposits too.

Plenty of Medieval recipies call for all kinds of berries, all over the world, which means it was still an important source of food for most people.

Well, it is a game.

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I don’t normally have an issue with this, at least with berries, they are normally used up before castle age or if they are not completely used up I just leave the villagers that are already gathering them on them and send them to do something else afterwards

With deer I either harvest all of them or none of them

I think this would only be useful on maps that contain lots of animals away from your starting position like the boar on black forest, nomad, etc., on arabia, arena, team islands if you were going to use them at all most people have used them all up already by the time they can research handcart

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On which maps you still have hunters and foragers around after hitting Castle age and researching Handcart?

Wild berries in middle age was only for herbal or give taste to the food. It doesn’t prevent of starving. Chestnut feeds a lot of person but it’s not on berries.

Nomad for example. >95% of games won’t be impact by this change.

another buff to vikings? no ty 11

btw it is a good idea if we take away handcart from vikings, they are ridiculously strong now that other top civs got nerfed

I think you’re looking at it purely from a utilitarian and (seemingly) historical perspective, while disregarding the visual color/flavor and variety those things bring to the game. This isn’t a history simulator, despite many historical elements to it. You might not forage berries or hunt in Castle Age+, but that doesn’t mean everyone does the same, imo

I think resource gathering rates are fine where they’re at. Actually, I’d be in favor of slower overall resource gathering rates in mid- and late-game. To end games with 100K+ gold, food, and wood (sometimes a lot mroe) seems a little overkill. At some point, we’re just writing blank checks to buy anything and everything we want. I’m pretty sure that’s not historically accurate :wink:

Yes, exactly :+1:

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