Increase ranked maps to 300 populaton

More pops more fun. Epic battle, more like a real war, pops around 300 is the best for war experience.

Many have problems with the performance in 200 pop games and you want to increase it to 300?
Just play 300 pop games with your buddies with your highend PCs.

A few years back i used to play 250/300 pop games on HD but it only really works on maps with lots of wood eg. Black Forest, Arena or Oasis. On all other maps the resources run out quickly and it becomes a wood buying battle. Not fun.

Redesign map, increase size, resources…

From the 400 or so games that i have played on voobly and on DE there were like 2 or 3 games where i actually reached 200 pop before the game being over. In some of those games my opponent was just being stubborn and didn’t want to resign even though he had like 70 pop at that point. I don’t like playing on campy maps like BF. For single player, anything beyond hard you cannot max out on population because the AI doesn’t give you that much time before they start flooding you.
So 200 pop is plenty in my opinion.

200 is enough. this is aoe2 and not empire earth.

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No, you don’t get better battles, you get worse battles, more lagg and heavy snowball in team games. With max population of 200 its actaully possible to comeback in a team game, when the population is 300 most of the games are just snowball.

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Just rebalance 4Head loooool


tbf, since the engine uses only one core, this is a really bad idea

Aside from anything else mentioned here, from what I remember, whenever you play over 200 pop games, the game becomes so snowbally that most of the players never get over 200 pop anyway. They aren’t as much fun. Unless all you do is boom really big and then fight… but that’s not as much fun either.

Instead learn how to make enough production buildings and economy to sustain production and you’ll feel like you’re playing with 300 pop with how much military you constantly have.


Add on top of that learning to manage 120+ villager is hard enough as it is …

i disagree as well.

Most players playing with 300+ pop limit barely even reach that within 60minutes game time and if they lose half of it once, usally cant replace it within a small time window, because they dont have economy for it.

Also most ppl cant even control an army of 80 units well, why add another 100 units to that? Try use your army effectivly /micro the units and have enough production facitlies to replace dead units fast and u have same/more fun than with 100units more.

Also as mentioned the game balance is designed for 200pop.

And as last point: The game already often lag with 200pop, especially in 4vs4 TG why should add another 100 (in 4vs4 TG = 800Pop more).