Increase size card game

Hello, is it possible to have a mod to increase the number of cards available? from 25 to 44 and building rotator? I don’t know how to do it … to increase my deck thank you very much

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On your first point I’m not entirely sure if a mod exists, but in the original AOE3, you could do a workaround to allow 44 card decks. I’m sure a mod will come out soon that supports that, but I guess since you can use your home cities both online and offline now, it’ll have to be balanced to stop cheaters.

For your second question, you can rotate buildings in any mode now by holding down SHIFT + scrolling your mouse wheel. I think it was a really nice feature to implement in this version and I only discovered it by accident. Hope this helps.


i think rotating has been always in the game. saw someone do it in aoe 3 base game the other day.

it required a small mod in the legacy games

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Your best bet on getting 44 cards is by making a mod or requesting someone to make it. For competitive play 44 cards would be bad, and I don’t see the devs changing it globally. They could however add a gamemode for more cards/unlimited cards, but I think currently they are working on fixing bugs.

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You can rotate building placements with Shift + mouse scroll.

ok i didn’t know i don’t play multiplayer

thank you very much i will watch