Increase the zoom in

How can increase the zoom in at 4k resolution? I installed the Graphic DLC and this game looks really fantastic (i’ve a 1080gtx ti card) but thee level of zoom in Is not enough for me. I’d like to see the new model units, Buildings etc in the same way i can see them in Aoede.

Are developers could fixed or improve this option? It would be very appreciated

Yeah I’m with you. Age 1 DE did much better in this respect, and changing down the resolution just makes it look bad. UHD graphics are great, but not when I can barely make out my units.

On a definite upside, I was impressed that the resolution settings support 3:2 aspect better than any other game I’ve tried it on.

It also might be useful to mention your screen sizes in inch and their dot pitch. Many flavors of 4K these days.

Surface Book 2 15" so 3240x2160, 260DPI, GTX1060.

Also a fun crash with the UHD graphics and trying to go to multiplayer benchmark. Passed without them installed.

OH. Okay when it actually runs with the UHD graphics, I get way better zoom, that is totally awesome, just a shame about the crash with the benchmark AND my Surface pulled a typical Surface and totally forgot there was even a dedicated GPU after the crash. Thought it was hosed for a few hours there.

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